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Achieve your
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February 8, 2019 Juniorpreneur 2019 Spotlight

If I were to say that, we are now in a new era of entrepreneurism, with highly proficient self-employers who are making more new businesses than ever to compete with the massive monopolies and a stagnant economy, would you believe it? The fact of the m …


With more and more information released every day about the harm done to the Earth by industrial animal agriculture, questioning and re-evaluating options for a nutritious but also eco-friendly and sustainable diet has become increasingly commonplace. …

January 4, 2019 CEEDling Spotlight: Pick Empowerment

A special blog post contribution by Charlene Pickrem, owner of Pick Empowerment. Pick Empowerment assists individuals, teams, and families grow to succeed! Offering the most valid and reliable personality assessment on the market today. Charlene Pickre …

"Being an entrepreneur comes with many sacrifices, 90% of your time is focused on your business, but it’s worth it"