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Real businesses, sustainable value – we make it happen through Entrepreneurship and Innovation.​

Building Successful and Innovative Businesses

Programs Designed Around Your Needs

Each of our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programs has been designed around empowering you as a Business Owner to achieve success the way you want to.

Impact Business Advisory and Mentorship

Our Advisors and Mentors will challenge you to think critically about your Business, to be financially astute in your planning, and to execute your plan effectively.

Access to Start-Up Financing

CEED connects entrepreneurs with a wide range of resources to help fund their ventures. Our Impact loan helps you as a Business Owner to start or expand your business.

A Community of Founders and Advisors

As a CEED program or workshop participant, you will gain great value from the shared insight, wisdom and experience of our Alumni, Advisors and Mentors.

Entrepreneurship Programming

Participative, interactive, programming that gives you the edge.


Have you always dreamed of having your own business, but you’re not sure how to plan, launch or finance it?


CEED | SME incubator

The CEED | SME Incubator Program will help you realize your dream. In this intensive, 6-week program you get expert guidance from CEED's experienced business professionals. You will also receive supportive feedback on your business ideas from other aspiring entrepreneurs.
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Are you poised for accelerated growth after a successful start-up launch? Trying to catch up with increasing customer demand?


CEED | SME Accelerator

If your business is facing increasingly complex challenges, the CEED | SME Accelerator Program is the program for you. Through these 6 intensive sessions you get expert guidance from CEED's experienced business professionals to help you manage your businesses accelerated growth.
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Has your business been underperforming? Does it feel like you're reacting to effects, rather than addressing the causes?



CEED | Business Recovery & Optimization has been designed to help you, as the business owner, put your business on an actionable path of recovery and optimization. This program runs over 6-weeks, and consist of 4 sessions supported by individual business advisory sessions.
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Technology & Science Start Ups

Early funnel programming that helps you turn your innovative idea into a commercial venture.


So What, Who Cares, Why You?
Do you have an innovative idea that you want to turn into a
commercial venture?


CEED | Innovator

CEED | Innovator is a 6-week program to help scientists and technology entrepreneurs discover and communicate the business value of their innovations. The participants will apply a business-focused lens to their idea and assess their readiness for the next stage of development, whether it’s incubation, licensing, or partnerships.
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Looking for a “break-out”
commercial launch?
Then CEED | LaunchPad is the program for you!



Have you already done some planning and development work around your business idea and concept? Do you have some preliminary problem-solution validation? Are you still a member of an incubator, or still in the incubation stage – but need to establish your business model for a “break-out” commercial launch? Then CEED | LaunchPad is the program for you!
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Our Innovator and LaunchPad programs focus on three core components:

A Founder Focus

It’s about people with ideas coming together to explore the value. Small groups of founders that works together to help each other discover the value of their innovative idea.

It’s About Conversations

Active, dynamic conversations about business value, for people who are not ‘business people’. These conversations promote debates, laughter, and intense discussion – and push founders to consider the possibilities for their ideas.

Action Oriented & Outcome Driven

This is not a training class! This is a program where decisions get made and the business value is defined. Every session ends with actions taken and an element of the business value decision made.

Youth Entrepreneurship
Education & Development

You are never too young to be an entrepreneur.

Youth Programming

Participative, Interactive Youth Entrepreneurship Education

Youth Programs

CEED’s Youth Programming is designed to help students improve their problem-solving skills, enhanced self-worth, provide them with the ability to apply theory to real-life situations and to create greater awareness of social responsibility.
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CEED Youth Entrepreneurship inspires and encourages elementary to post-secondary students to embrace entrepreneurial and innovative thinking, and to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option. CEED partners with schools and educators across Nova Scotia in developing customized, interactive educational and programming resources.


Engaging 5 day entrepreneurship camps for youth ages 8-14


Our five-day camp is designed for youth ages 8 through 14 who will develop new skills and hone existing ones as they learn what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. Campers engage in activities involving teamwork, innovation, critical thinking, risk-taking and leadership, as they work towards running their own business for half a day.
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