Have you already done some planning and development work around your business idea and concept?  Do you have some preliminary problem-solution validation? Are you a member of an incubator, or still in the incubation stage but need to establish your business model for a “break-out” commercial launch? Then CEED | LaunchPad is the program for you

Program details

This 6-week virtual program focuses on the development of your validated business model as the foundation for a successful commercial launch. All lesson deliverables are focused on you researching, creating hypotheses, testing hypotheses, and engaging in agile development to improve and focus your launch business model.  CEED approaches this challenge using a monitored lean startup approach. As a participant, you bring your idea and CEED provides a facilitated, experiential process that guides you through the development of a validated business model, create a business plan, and move your business from incubator phase to full scale launch.

As a participant you will develop a complete business model over the following six sessions:

  • Customer Discovery
  • Business Environment (Reality check)
  • Business Model Overview
  • Value Proposition, validation of Problem-Solution Fit
  • Relationships/Channels, validation of Product-Market fit
  • Activities/Resources/Partnerships
  • Revenue/Costs, Business Model fit

You will have milestones that must be reached as you progress toward a validated business model.  After each session there will be a set of challenges that must be completed to move your business model from hypothetical to real; from idea to business model/market fit. To assist in this development, CEED provides 3 hours of one-on-one virtual advisory.

CEED supports the development of your business plan through supplementary virtual workshops. These Workshops include: Pricing Strategy and Sales Forecasting, Building a Financial Forecast, Sales Roadmap, Get Ready to Sell, and Developing a Market Position.  Visit our Workshop/Webinar section on our website to find out more and to register.

What makes this program impactful?

  • Iterative process but controlled by clear accountabilities and outcomes
  • On-demand, virtual delivery model with weekly tasks and advisory support
  • Launch focused, establishing a validated launch business model
  • Action orientated and outcome-driven
  • Provide a Platform for future acceleration