CEED is proud to be part of a community of like-minded ecosystem organizations, brought together by recognizing opportunities to create impact and an underlying passion for entrepreneurship. Through collaboration, agreements and partnerships we are able to create meaning and value for entrepreneurs and provide the tools necessary to start, continue or expand their business.
CEED has nurtured strong relationships with top notch organizations, many of whom look to CEED to develop and facilitate programs targeted to specific market segments. Program delivery partners such as WKI and Strategyzer entrust CEED to incorporate their world-renowned methodologies into our programs, allowing access to invaluable business models and tools. CEED adopts an overall way of thinking that is best known as the Innovator Mindset and we continuously search for tools and partners who embody the Innovator Mindset approach to entrepreneurship.
Would you like to collaborate with us? Are you looking to expand or offer new programming through a trusted partner? Do you offer an innovative new learning tool or platform which entrepreneurs would benefit from?

…Please contact us! We would love to discuss the opportunity to join forces with you.

Wendy Kennedy Inc

Wendy Kennedy Inc (WKI) is best known as the So what? Who cares? Why you?® methodology helping to bridge the gap in understanding between innovators with new ideas and people who are looking to support those ideas.

CEED incorporates the WKI methodology in our Innovator Program to focus the innovator on building a product value proposition and a potential path toward product commercialization. The methodology engages innovators to think entrepreneurially about product-market fit, customer discovery, competitive difference makers, and build this thinking into a compelling value proposition. This method has delivered results for thousands of innovators in more than 27 countries, helping to secure investment, receive research grant awards, win pitch competitions and more.

This side of Alberta, there are three WKI Certified facilitators, all of whom are from CEED!


Strategyzer is the global leader in enterprise growth & innovation services. Their purpose is to unlock millions of people’s potential to create value for themselves, organizations, and society. They shift mindsets to transform strategic innovation, organization, and culture.

CEED has collaborated with Strategyzer to bring its world-leading tools to our programs including its online platform. Strategyzer’s tools are incorporated in our Launchpad program to assist startups in developing hypothetical business models and value propositions, as well as, record insights from discovery and testing to validate or invalidate hypotheses.

When you are working with CEED, you are not only drawing upon the knowledge of Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur as incorporated into CEED’s programming, you are using their platform to collaborate with co- founders and CEED’s facilitators.

IGNITE Atlantic

IGNITE is a local innovation hub where ideas become reality. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large industries all benefit from the structure, mentorship, and opportunities provided by IGNITE. We encourage everyone to explore how they can make change possible in a rural community.

Amplify is an exclusive Accelerator Program offered in partnership with CEED. Working alongside Ignite, CEED delivers programming for rural start-ups that takes them from concept to a business idea that is investor ready!

Explore is a six-month program to support youth while they explore entrepreneurship and get hands on with starting their own businesses. CEED is honoured to provide programming support to this program and welcome the opportunity to support youth-led entrepreneurship.

Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion

The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion is a unique national charity that that promotes diversity and inclusion in Canadian workplaces. CCDI’s mission is to help Employer Partners achieve significant differences in their organizational performance by providing them with the tools, knowledge and information, and education to create more inclusive workplaces in Canada.

CEED is a proud Employer Partner with CCDI and we are using CCDI’s resources to help us build an inclusive workplace for our staff, as well as an inclusive environment for our clients.

Startup Space

Startup Space is an online tool designed to empower entrepreneurs and to amplify ecosystems. Startup Space is a community building platform that facilitates meaningful connections, access to knowledge, resources, and events and the ability to measure impact to grow communities and report on metrics that matter.

CEED believes that entrepreneurs and small business owners need more than luck to successfully navigate their journeys. By partnering with Startup Space, CEED has developed the HubNS, powered by Startup Space. To learn more about the HubNS, please visit our website and click on the links to become a member!


Futurpreneur Canada has been fueling the entrepreneurial passions of enterprising young Canadians since 1996 and the only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentorship, and resources to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. More than 15,000 young Canadian entrepreneurs, spanning every province and territory, have successfully launched their businesses with Futurpreneur’s support. Their main street businesses help drive Canada’s inclusive economic prosperity in communities from coast to coast to coast.

Together, CEED and Futurpreneur creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs across Atlantic Canada to access up to $85,000 in financing and mentoring to help launch their businesses. With hundreds of businesses already launched thanks to the partnership, we look forward to continuing to support Canadian economic development and contributing to the success of small businesses throughout Atlantic Canada.

NuBinary is a Fractional CTO and Tech Startup Advisory consulting firm, enabling companies to successfully create innovative technology products. We do this by assisting companies to speed up market delivery of innovative products through a consistent, repeatable and tested framework.

CEED works with NuBinary to connect our IDE (Innovation Driven Enterprises) Founders with opportunities for mentorship, advisory, consulting services and training that will help them build their technological products more effectively.

Startup Zone

The Startup Zone accelerates new startups or existing businesses by connecting them with the space, resources, and supports they need to grow.