Feeling unsure of where to start? Find the right program for you by following the box that best describes your current position.

your business

I'm interested in turning my idea or side-hustle that I'd like to turn into a full scale business and want help or more information on launching.

Starting your business

CEED has multiple programs available for business startups, whether you just want to learn more about entrepreneurship or are ready to take the steps to turning your business idea into a reality.
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Supporting your
new business

I have a business that's been open for under 12 months and want help with planning, financing or operations.

Supporting your new business

Ensure a successful start to your business journey through CEED's support. CEED offers skills training, financing opportunities and professional business advisory to help your business with whatever it may need.
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Supporting your
existing business

I have a business that's been open for over a year and want help with planning, financing, operations, growth or recovering.

Supporting your existing business

CEED can help your existing business whether you've found success and are struggling to keep up with growth, or are looking for support to recover from downwards turns.
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