Looking to start your own business? Check out our range of programs below that can help any new entrepreneur ensure a successful start.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

I'd like to talk one-on-one with a business professional about my business or business idea.


Choose an in-person meeting at our office, or if you have a computer equipped with a camera, speaker and microphone, we’re happy to meet with you online. Let us invest 30 minutes of our time, in your business.
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Start Smart

I'm looking for more information about starting my own business, or what the best first steps would be.


Start Smart helps you get answers to your questions about your existing business or business idea from our experts. You’ll also explore local resources, gain the tools to make your ideas a reality, and be introduced to programs and services designed to support your journey every step of the way.
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I have an idea, and want a program that will help me see it through to launch.


The CEED | SME Incubator Program will help you realize your dream. In this intensive, 6-week program you get expert guidance from CEED's experienced business professionals. You will also receive supportive feedback on your business ideas from other aspiring entrepreneurs.
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Self Employment

I'm currently on EI and want to transition into self employment by starting my own business.


In just 40 weeks, take your commitment, hard work and enthusiasm and combine it with our expertise, resources and dedication. It’s a recipe for success that has seen over 1,000 program graduates develop the skills and knowledge they need to start their own business.
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Start-Up Loans

I'm looking for financial support to help launch or support my new business.


For over 25 years, CEED has connected entrepreneurs with the resources required to help fund their ventures. CEED’s Startup & Expansion Loans lay the groundwork for you to take the next step with your idea or enterprise.
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