Do you have an innovative idea that you want to turn into a commercial venture? Have you researched the challenges, pitfalls as well as potential rewards of starting your own innovative business? Do you want to know how to better understand, quantify, and communicate the value of your innovative idea before taking the next step?  Then CEED | Innovator is perfect for you!

Program details

CEED | Innovator is a 6-week program to help researchers, scientists, and technology entrepreneurs discover and communicate the business value of their innovations. It is a series of structured meet-ups guided by expert coaches. The participants will apply a business-focused lens to their idea and assess their readiness for the next stage of development, whether it’s incubation, licensing, or partnerships.

What makes this program impactful?

A Founder Focus:  It’s about people with ideas coming together to explore the value. Small groups of founders working together to help each other discover the value of their ideas. 

It’s About Conversations. Active, dynamic conversations about business value, for people who are not ‘business people’. These conversations promote debates, laughter, and intense discussion – and push founders to consider the possibilities for their ideas. 

You Draw, Brainstorm & Debate the Business Value. This is not business planning – this is a time to draw, sketch, model, and map the possibilities for the future of an idea as a business. Business planning is a later stage activity. This is ideation around the business value.

Action Oriented & Outcome Driven. This is not a training class! This is a meeting where decisions get made and the business value is defined. Every session ends with actions taken and an element of the business value decision made.

The So What? Who Cares? Why You? Methodology developed by Wendy Kennedy is built from decades in the trenches working alongside innovators to help them turn their ideas into opportunities. This program is designed to answer the key questions that every potential supporter of a new idea will have.

So What?  What is the business problem you are proposing to solve and how “burning” is that problem?

Who Cares? Who will be willing to pay money to solve this problem and can you reach them? 

Why You?  What makes your idea different and gives you a unique advantage over competing solutions? 

This program is a series of six half-day workshops delivered over six consecutive weeks.

Session Summaries: 

  • What’s Your Idea? Paint the big picture of your idea and then scope out the supporting points to showcase its value.
  • What’s the problem? Where Does Your Idea Fit? Show where your idea fits in the commercial landscape and communicate your vision about the impact it can make.
  • Who’s Your Customer? Get specific, and define who really cares about what you’ve created.
  • Who’s Your Customer? What’s Your Path to Market? Continue with the specifics of Session 3 and explore the power of your ecosystem to launch your idea on its path to market.
  • What’s Your Competitive Edge? Accurately profile your competitors and develop your competitive edge.
  • Can You Execute? What’s Your Story? Identify key initiatives to move your idea forward, and architect a compelling business value proposition.