Do you have an innovative idea you want to turn into a commercial venture?

CEED | Innovator will help you understand, quantify, and communicate the business value of your innovation.

CEED’s Innovator program is for founders, researchers or business builders with an idea. If you have an idea that you want to turn into a business, this is the beginning of the journey.

The Innovator program is a safe space to ideate and design the value proposition of an idea. 

The CEED Innovator Program utilizes the WKI Ideation Program: So what? Who cares? why you?® – a step-by-step, easy-to-use design thinking methodology with frameworks that guide people to explore the best path forward for their ideas to impact the world. These visual design frameworks ask users to dive deep into topics of product/market fit, customer discovery, customer use cases, competitive differentiation, and financial viability.

Over the course of the 9 weeks, we will help you answer the following topics:

  • What’s you idea? Identify your idea’s big picture
  • What is the problem? Learn to make a case to show others its value
  • Where does your idea fit? Explore the commercial landscape to recognize the problems your idea can solve
  • Who is your customer? Learn industry specifics to define your innovation’s target markets
  • What is your path to market? Identify your existing contact network to help support your idea’s launch
  • What is your competitive edge? Accurately profile potential rivals to cultivate a competitive edge
  • Can you execute? Analyze the key elements of your idea that will support a compelling business
  • What is your story? Express the business value of your idea in a clear and compelling format.
  • Ready to pitch your idea? Create a value proposition that can be used as a pitch deck for  funding and investment opportunities.
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What makes this program impactful?

Turning ideas into tangible opportunities isn’t easy. The CEED | Innovator program Innovator is a founder-focused program, which means you are on your feet, working with other founders and innovators sharing advice and ideas for nine weeks.  

It’s about business value, not business planning. This program is a guided space for those who might not consider themselves to be business people to sketch, model, and map the business possibilities of their ideas.

These are not training classes. You can expect a small group of 6-10 founders and/or business owners, each with a product idea or concept that they’re passionate about bringing to market.  These are interactive discussions that explore and define a business idea’s potential.

Additional details:

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