What is an Elevate Mentorship?

The CEED Elevate Mentor Relationship Program empowers and elevates entrepreneurs by building a dynamic relationship in a safe space for peer-to-peer learning, dialogue, and challenge.  

CEED is committed to empowering people and helping them reach their full potential. We believe that the mentee / mentor relationship is one of the most powerful ways to elevate entrepreneurs and strengthen the economy.

Elevate will be a unique opportunity for mentors and mentees alike to develop ongoing relationships and connections to community through learning and dialogue, and discovering new challenges. The power in Elevate is training…CEED will leverage our years of experience and best practise in advancing entrepreneurship across Nova Scotia and provide both mentors and mentees with a foundation from which they can build their relationships.

CEED believes that the need for mentorship is more important than ever. Mentors who have faced adversity and challenges are able to share that knowledge and provide guidance to those who need it the most. As a result mentees will be able to tap into a Nova Scotian community of support and potentially discover new partnerships or even grow to become mentors and give back through local mentorship.

CEED is currently looking to continue to bring these individuals together to grow a support network for people starting a business in Nova Scotia. If you’re a successful business owner in Nova Scotia we’d love for you to join our network.

If you’re interested in providing elevated mentorship for Nova Scotians starting a business please click here we would love to hear from you.

How do I become an Elevated Mentor for Nova Scotians starting a business?

We are currently recruiting Mentors!

To become an Elevated Mentor and provide mentorship for Nova Scotian business owners your first must be an experienced and thoughtful leader who is committed to investing one’s time to assist in the growth and development of others. 

As a CEED mentor we expect you to bring the following to each mentee engagement session: active listening, availability, and analysis.

At CEED, we recognize the value of mentorship and it stems from the fact that you’ve “been there and done that,” giving a mentee the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and successes. CEED is currently recruiting Nova Scotian business professionals with the experience to provide personalized mentorship, sound business advice and encouragement to empower and elevate entrepreneurs by sharing their expertise and insights. CEED is people centered and we are seeking mentors who place building relationships and empowering others first. Together we can help those starting a business in Nova Scotia.

Desired Qualifications and Skills:

Experience in starting a business, self-employment, entrepreneurship, or facilitation skills active listener (not telling answers/ prescribing). Connector with an established professional network or expertise in a certain field or topic.


As a CEED mentor we expect you to bring the following to each mentee engagement session: active listening, availability, and analysis.(area of activities and decision-making authority, as well as resources to get it done).

  • Help build mentee’s self-reliance and leadership skills.
  • Help mentee define critical tasks and guide mentee’s business goals.
  • Help mentee/their company hold itself accountable for meeting their business goals
  • Provide emotional support.
  • Ask questions to stimulate investigation and challenge processes.
  • Provide business advice when requested/appropriate.
  • Celebrate milestones and successes for those starting their business.
  • Foster a strong mentor/mentee relationship for those starting their own business.


An ongoing process, lasting over 6 – 12 months.


Contact us at info@ceed.ca if you require more information or would like to speak with someone before applying.



How can I access an Elevated Mentor when starting a business in Nova Scotia?

Business growth is essential for our Canadian economy and CEED is committed to empowering people and helping them become a business leader in Nova Scotia. Starting a business in Nova Scotia can be difficult. That is why we believe that a mentee/mentor relationship is one of the most powerful ways to build more business. 

Before accessing CEED’s Elevated Mentorship network of experienced mentors, you must first sign up for CEED’s 30 Min Free Consultation. This process will help you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape when starting your business and understand which program/ programs are best for you and your business. CEED’s Free 30 Minute consultations are the perfect way for you to dive deeper into your entrepreneurial journey and discover what your next steps may be.

We will help you find the right pathway and the right mentors.

A message from our CEO:


MindFrame Connect is an online platform that features content from leading experts, entrepreneurs, and mentors, paired with complementary workshops across the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem, in addition to a suite of synchronous and asynchronous training.

The initiative recently entered the second year of its program and is co-created by Dalhousie University, Toronto Metropolitan University, Globalive, and I-INC. Launched in October 2021, MindFrame Connect is focused on providing curated resources and high-quality training to both accelerators and individuals, aiming to elevate the craft of mentorship, support the development of resiliency in Canadian entrepreneurs, as well as provide training and workshops in the Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion through a mentorship lens,

Mindframe Connect will be collaborating with CEED to provide training and workshops to our mentors as part of the Elevate Mentorship Program.

Our Mentors

Anita Kirkbride UNDERcomplicates social media marketing for smart, successful small businesses. She encourages her clients to ditch perfectionism, embrace authenticity and #BeFlawsome in their social media. She started Twirp Communications Inc., a boutique social media consulting business, in 2011 through CEED’s own SEB program. In 2018 Anita founded a second business, the Social Media Day Halifax conference. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs leverage social media through her consulting, BeFlawsome podcast, educational blog, free downloads, and a variety of webinars and online courses. Anita is known for loving the colour purple, peacocks and cilantro. She became a fashion influencer when she influenced another entrepreneur to buck the dark jacket trend and wear a white blazer to a business event.

Pankaj Bagga is a Research Engineer who accidentally starts his journey as an entrepreneur; He is a Co-founder of ‘Tech Hub’ & ‘Yes Payments’. He was born and brought up in Punjab, India. Pankaj went on to complete his Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Electronics and Communication. He then went on to complete a specialization in Robotics and Computer Vision at the University of Dijon, France. He has worked with various European companies on research and development projects and as a technology advisor.

Pankaj is an entrepreneur and business mentor. He is presently working as the co-founder of ‘Tech Hub’. He worked in more than 8 Incubators as a Business Mentor and EIR, Pankaj prides himself on keeping on top of cutting-edge technologies and has a passion for innovation. Pankaj has conducted many Guest talks on Business startups, Business Development using the latest technologies.

kathy colaiacovo - to cut out bg

Kathy Colaiacovo is a Marketing Strategist, President of Pepper it Marketing Services Inc and host of the Marketing Your Private Practice podcast.

Kathy is a CEEDling who graduated from the SEB program in 2009 and since then has been working with clients around the world, making a positive impact on the businesses of Dietitians, Therapists and Coaches. She delivers actionable and “results-driven” marketing tactics that drive productivity and profitability.

Members in her Thrive Marketing Academy stop wasting time and money by following Kathy’s methods and systems to develop simple and streamlined marketing plans that attract clients by focusing on big-picture and long-term marketing strategies, not just social media.

Leach, Ed High Def

An experienced entrepreneur with a passion for changing the narrative for older adults. I have experience in navigating the health care system as a patient (2 open heart surgeries), author of the original business plan for monitoring congestive heart failure patients at home after release from hospital and an initiative to build a portal for managing personal health records. Later in my career I was an assistant professor and director of the Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship in the faculty of management at Dalhousie University. I am the co-author with Dr. Mary Kilfoil of the Canadian edition of Management, the bestselling undergraduate text in the field. I received a Ph.D. in computing technology in education from Nova Southeastern (2009), an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at Western University (1977) a professional accounting degree from the Society of Management Accountants (1975) and a BComm. from Dalhousie University (1972).  I am past president of the Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE), past chapter chair for the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Atlantic Canada Chapter and most recently the director of education at the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED). 

Laura McCallum

Laura is an experienced business leader in many
industry segments including telecommunications, consumer goods, and
self-publishing. Laura earned her BA and MBA from the University of Toronto and
completed her Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of
Phoenix in 2011 while working full time. Laura is from Ontario and also worked
in the USA for 15 years prior to moving to Atlantic Canada. She is also a
graduate of the CEED program and a business mentor with Seasoned Pros.
Currently she is a freelance business consultant however on a sunny summer
day you might find her on the golf course.


Hailing from Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada, Colin has been working with audio his entire adult life. Most of his time is spent in his home studio recording voice overs, editing audio and playing his guitar. He resides 20 minutes outside of the beautiful city of Halifax.  Colin’s voice has been tempered over years of sales and service roles with organizations such as : Bell, Costco, ScotiaBank and TD Insurance. He has also spoken as a guest lecturer several times at NSCC’s Kingstec Campus to School Of Business students. He loves to share his knowledge wherever and whenever possible!




I’m Jenny Jeffrey – Founder and CEO of OnSide Performance Centre, a preventive health company. OnSide has created an innovative health and fitness model that brings an array of healthcare professionals together to provide impactful care. Building a thriving B2C business from the ground up has given me a deep understanding of all aspects of business growth. I’ve also participated over the years in the Advanced Management and Mentoring Program through the Centre for Women in Business which sparked my interest in helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. I’ve completed a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and am currently working through an MBA in Consulting Leadership at the University of Fredericton. I would like to give back to the local startup community by using my experience and education to help other entrepreneurs thrive, and therefore look forward to becoming a mentor with CEED.



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Scott is the co-founder and sole owner of Innovative Detailing, an automotive detailing and protection business located in Dartmouth. He is celebrating 10 years in business in 2023, and has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade. He graduated Dalhousie University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Management Degree and a Major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is passionate about small business and hopes to build a consulting venture in the future to work with other entrepreneurs so they can find success with less obstacles. Scott is a car enthusiast, drummer, hockey player, and is passionate about finding ways to grow and improve as a person and a professional.


Dienye David Peterside - Innovative Detailing

Hi, my name is Dienye David Peterside. I’m a professional marketing consultant, a management consultant. I’m a Fellow of the Institute of Marketing, fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants. I’m a graduate of geography from the university with a Bachelor of Science degree and I’ve been in Financial advisory services for the last three years and my passion is marketing. Basically, I’ve been doing some lecturing in the area of entrepreneurship and leadership in the University, National University of Technology and Management in Nigeria. I’ve also been lecturing in other institutions on an ad hoc basis.

Basically, I’ve built a number of companies from the scratch. I was Executive Director of a finance company that is operating for nearly 45 years now. I’m also a founder and co-owner and director of a micro lending business and that micro lending business is been running for about a 7th year now. I’m very happy to be part of CEED and help to teach and bring up younger entrepreneurs, train them, give them ideas, get them to understand how to operate in the local environment and how to operate in the international market. One of my passions is bridging the gap between funding, availability and potential entrepreneurs to come together and build capacity and value to the local community and to the international community as a whole.


Karen Dean is an incredible motivational speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and
bestselling author who shares her own personal stories of resilience and
proven tools for success, while inspiring audiences and clients with an
amazing sense of positivity.

She has been featured on CBC, Global TV and CTV Atlantic, as well as
numerous podcasts around the world, and publications like the Chronicle
Herald, Truro Daily News, and Hub Now.

Recognized by the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards as a
Nominee four times, Karen has started and operated successful businesses in
many different industries for over 25 years.

Karen has published two books to date:

  • We Are Unbreakable: Raw, Real Stories of Resilience from Women in Nova
    Scotia in 2020 is a compilation book sharing inspiring stories from 22 women.
  • Fierce & Fabulous: A Self-Love Journal which provides readers with a daily
    practice to reconnect to their inner self and become even more successful.

Karen’s messages spring from a mountain of lived experience, and she is
passionate about her mission to help people reboot their resilience and reach
a higher level of success, both personally and professionally