CEED is committed to empowering people and helping them reach their full potential. We believe that the mentee / mentor relationship is one of the most powerful ways to elevate entrepreneurs and strengthen the economy.

Elevate will be a unique opportunity for mentors and mentees alike to develop ongoing relationships and connections to community through learning and dialogue, and discovering new challenges. The power in Elevate is training…CEED will leverage our years of experience and best practise in advancing entrepreneurship across Nova Scotia and provide both mentors and mentees with a foundation from which they can build their relationships.

A message from our CEO:

Become a mentor:

We are currently recruiting Mentors!

As a CEED | Elevate mentor we expect you to have a flexible schedule and to bring experience and analysis to each mentee engagement session…

Do you have what we are looking for?

  • Experience in business self-employment, entrepreneurship, or facilitation skills
  • Connector with an established professional network
  • Expertise in an entrepreneurial or business related field

Why is CEED launching Elevate?

In the post pandemic entrepreneurial landscape, CEED believes that the need for mentorship is more important than ever. Mentors who have faced adversity and challenges are able to share that knowledge and provide guidance to those who need it the most. Mentees will be able to tap into a new community of support and potentially discover new partnerships or even grow to become mentors and give back.

With a Provincial mandate, CEED works with both early stage Innovation Driven Enterprises (IDE’s) and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) from across the province. Having relationships with a wide breadth and depth of mentors, we are able to support connections that will be rewarding and impactful.

CEED has a long history of helping to build strong and dynamic entrepreneurs. To learn more about the variety of businesses CEED has worked with – visit our Alumni directory.

Benefits of being a mentor:

Aside from personal fulfillment, mentoring can elevate leadership and interpersonal skills, enhance creativity and inspire one to be reflective as they tap into lessons learned.

Benefits of being a mentee:

Mentees benefit from the engagement and the gifts of knowledge and wisdom they receive. A renewed sense of confidence and the development of interpersonal skills are often achieved creating a pathway to personal and professional growth.

Benefits to the entrepreneurial landscape:

Mentoring partnerships can spark new life into the entrepreneurial landscape bringing with that, potential partnerships that combine generational strengths, ensure best practices and support networks.