Finn Varette
Communications Coordinator
(613) 929-7911 (cell)

Finn Varette is currently in his second year as a Commerce student at Dalhousie University, where he is majoring in finance. His academic pursuits align with his passion for entrepreneurship, communication, and continuous learning, rendering him an ideal candidate for the role of Communications Coordinator at CEED. In this position, Finn will be responsible for overseeing CEED’s social media marketing initiatives, managing the newsletter, organizing events, and cultivating connections with entrepreneurs. Notably, Finn is not only academically inclined but is also an entrepreneur himself, successfully owning and operating a Property Services business in Halifax during the warmer seasons. Finn’s dedication and strong work ethic make him a valuable addition to the team, ensuring that he will excel in the multifaceted responsibilities associated with the Communications Coordinator role at CEED.