The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development is committed to advancing and supporting entrepreneurs across Nova Scotia. CEED delivers innovative programs and services that empower individuals and communities to achieve their full potential.

Do you know business minded adolescents interested in developing entrepreneurial experience? Do you want to see first hand what youth can be capable of? Let CEED’s Juniorpreneur Camp help your kids blast into the world of business!

CEED’s 5-day Juniorpreneur Camp is an exciting program designed for youth ages 8-14. Throughout the week, campers engage in activities involving teamwork, innovation, critical-thinking, risk-taking and leadership. Campers will calculate costs, earn revenue, and enjoy the fruits of their labour, retaining their profits while they learn the challenges of running their own business. Participants will develop new skills and hone their existing ones as they learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Our Juniorpreneur Camp programs:

  • Juniorpreneur Camp: Entrepreneurship in the Community (Ages 8-14) Learn the basics of entrepreneurship first hand. Campers work towards creating their own start-up business over the week, participating in idea generation and business planning activities to help prepare them for the launch of their businesses during CEED’s Juniorpreneur Sale Day.
  • Juniorpreneur Camp: Developing your Online Business (Ages 8-14)
    Explore the world of online business and e-commerce. Campers will engage in activities designed to build their knowledge of the online business environment, and are provided the opportunity to launch their online store for 24 hours during camp. Campers will leave the week with the skills to launch and continue an online store beyond just their week at camp.

Where has Juniorpreneur Camp been held?

Thanks to ongoing support from our community partners, CEED has been able to offer Juniorpreneur Camp programs in communities across the province such as Halifax, Kentville, New Glasgow and Yarmouth.

Information for parents/guardians:

Juniorpreneur Camp is a real entrepreneurial experience. Please note that during this camp,  campers develop their own products, handle real money, and engaging with members of the public. CEED’s Juniorpreneur Camp Facilitators work along-side each camper individually to ensure they have the skills they need to succeed. Don’t underestimate the confidence and knowledge in youth – let CEED help them utilize it to their full potential.

  • Will campers be working in groups?

    Some of the most successful businesses today have a team working behind it. As such, campers can expect to work in teams of 2-5 to develop their business throughout Juniorpreneur Camp. Groups will be determined by camper preference, such as if they would like to work with a friend/sibling first and foremost. Facilitators will try to encourage campers who collaborate well together/have similar ideas to group up as well.


  • What kinds of products can campers make?

    We’re open to working with any idea campers have, as long as they can have a physical product ready at camp! We recommend thinking of some ideas prior to camp or browsing some of our past camp projects should your camper need some inspiration.


  • Will parents/guardians need to help campers pay for materials?

    Talk with your camper about what projects they’d like to create at camp. Should they need help from their parents/guardians to buy materials, keep all receipts. Part of a business is paying off expenses, and our facilitators will make sure that campers ‘expenses’ are paid back to the parents prior to dividing up profits.


  • Will campers have time to build their products at camp?

    Campers will be spending their time at camp developing their business plan and learning key entrepreneurial skills. Parents/Guardians should expect to help their campers with developing their products at home after camp hours. We recommend setting aside 2-3 hours Wednesday or Thursday night to help your camper depending on what products they will be selling.


  • How will campers profits be divided?

    By default, profits will be distributed evenly across all group members. Should all group members mutually agree on different conditions, facilitators would be glad to accommodate. All expenses must be paid off first and foremost no matter what profit distribution style. CEED does not take any cut of campers revenues -it’s their work and they get to reap the benefits!


  • My camper might need extra support, can that be accommodated?

    Anyone of any age or background can be an entrepreneur. Facilitators will ensure that Juniorpreneur Camp remains a safe space for all youth. If your camper would benefit from extra support, or you have questions if CEED can accommodate your campers needs, please contact us so that we can ensure Juniorpreneur Camp remains a fun experience.

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