The Youth Venture Project is a program designed to inspire entrepreneurship and innovation through schools, daycares and youth groups. This new program consists of 5 facilitated workshops (1 hour) and a curriculum package to guide teachers/educators to continue the project beyond the 5 workshops, integrating the project into their specific classroom or groups learning outcomes and objectives.

Across the 5 sessions, youth will be introduced to business and entrepreneurship, learn how to turn problems into ideas, develop and execute their business projects, and showcase their results to peers. Youth will benefit from real hands-on experience with entrepreneurship and are provided a platform where they can test their creativity and innovation.

Session breakdown:

  • Session 1: Introducing Entrepreneurship & Ideation
    • Post Session 1: Identifying problems & developing business ideas
  • Session 2: Value Proposition & Business Planning
    • Post Session 2: Refining business ideas & researching pricing
  • Session 3: Developing your Brand & Marketing
    • Post Session 3: Promoting your business & preparing for launch
  • Session 4: Launching & Pitching your Business
    • Post Session 4: Running your business & developing your pitch
  • Session 5: Pitch Showcase
    • Post Session 5: Personal reflection

The format:

This program consists of 5 workshops (1 hour) facilitated by CEED’s Youth Entrepreneurship team, and 4 in-between workshop curriculum packages which provides teachers/educators with activities, questions, and homework they can use to continue the conversation and help youth develop their business projects. Participating youth will work in groups to identify a business venture they can develop, seeing it through from ideation to execution with support from their school, daycare or youth group.

What makes this program impactful?

This program provides real entrepreneurial experience. It is more than just a single project, it is an ongoing conversation about how to act upon creativity and innovation with a business mindset. At the end of this program, participating youth will leave with the following:
  • Knowledge on what entrepreneurship is about
  • Idea generation skills
  • Developed oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to create, follow and adapt a plan
  • Understanding of how to utilise creativity and innovation in a real world setting
  • Financial literacy skills
  • A stronger community mindset
  • Development in many key entrepreneurial skills such as:
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Risk-taking
    • Critical-thinking
    • Problem-solving

Running the Youth Venture Project with your youth:

This program is flexible and can be incorporated to fit into existing curriculum or outcomes. Sessions can be booked to the availability of CEED and participating organizations. This program is recommended for youth between 10-18 years old.

Ready to provide an experience for youth that will stick with their skill sets for years to come? Please complete the Youth Venture Project Request Form below, and a member of CEED’s Youth Entrepreneurship team will be in touch with you to guide you through the scheduling process.

This program costs $249; subsidized by ACOA. Once your sessions have been booked, please provide us with a contact we should forward your invoice to.

Please note that in-person workshops are currently only offered for Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and Sackville areas. Our ability to offer in-person workshops may vary depending on current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. Please contact us to learn more about availability of in-person workshop deliveries.

Youth Venture Project Request Form: