Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurial, creative and hands-on learning

CEED Education provides youth the space to develop their interests, learn new skills, make mistakes, and have the opportunity to turn their ideas into ventures. Through our experiential learning program, students showcase and develop their entrepreneurial skill sets and are encouraged to consider entrepreneurship as an attractive career choice.

CEED Education offers hands-on workshops in and out of classrooms across Nova Scotia engaging students from grades 4 to 12. Workshops are designed to introduce the entrepreneurial mindset and expose students to entrepreneurship and the multitudes of applications and opportunities it offers. Our programs can be open-ended or framed within specific course content. Teachers can choose from a range of offerings from one of the 50-75 minute workshops to programs that include multiple sessions over a span of several weeks.

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Grades 4-6

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“Well organized faciliatation, good with students, engaging.”

“It was fantastic! The presenters were engaging, knowledgable and enthusiastic. They really connected with thte kids, everyone really enjoyed it!”

“The students were engaged with their ideas, really encourages looking at different angles to solve a problem and collaboration.”