Entrepreneurship Education


We are committed to inspiring Nova Scotia’s youth to reach their full potential by introducing them to entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

We support educators, students and communities throughout Nova Scotia by providing engaging and interactive programming to students of all ages. We offer a variety of hands-on workshops that promote entrepreneurial skills, such as problem-solving and opportunity identification:

Personal Branding
Created by MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, students associate their personal characteristics and beliefs into three subtypes – Hacker, Hustler, or Designer – each with their own strengths and proficiencies. The goal is to have three partners with complementing skills work together to form the best thought out and most efficient business team. Outcomes include establishing and educating one the importance of a strong brand, whether it is an individual’s personal brand image or one of a company.

Ideas to Launch
Expose students to entrepreneurship and its opportunities with our five part Ideas to Launch Program. This program combines Tower of Power, Out of the Box Factory, and Design Thinking to spark the inner entrepreneur in us all, while learning core competencies through our hands-on and interactive workshops.

Tower of Power
Work as a team to plan, design, and build a free standing tower out of supplies ‘purchased’ from the ‘store’.  Students are faced with challenges that they learn to overcome as a team. The objective of the workshop is to build the tallest tower while spending the least amount of money, helping participants realize that they have entrepreneurial skills and that communication is a key to success.

Out of the Box Factory
Work as a team to plan, design, and build a prototype of a new invention, product or service. Students must think like entrepreneurs – outside the box – and come up with something new! Similar to everyday entrepreneurs, you will develop a business concept from scratch, implement the four Ps of marketing, create a prototype, and deliver a Dragon’s Den style pitch. You’re never too old to think outside the box!

Design Thinking
Design Thinking teaches students to identify real-world problems, understand these problems, and then begin creating solutions for these problems. Participants work in teams to achieve outcomes and propose solutions. Teams also begin the process of testing their solutions to see if they can work.

Envelope Challenge
Engage students and explore entrepreneurship by taking student businesses from concept to creation. Students develop core competencies in innovation, critical thinking, risk taking, leadership and teamwork. Utilizing only an envelope filled with start-up tools, students launch a business and get a feel for the rewarding journey of entrepreneurship. The Envelope Challenge is driven by student objectives, supported by teachers, and includes printable lesson plans, journal templates and resources from CEED.

Student Opportunity for Collective Impact, Achievement & Legacy (SOCIAL)
SOCIAL engages youth in grades 10 – 12 to help grow the economy and create a positive, sustainable change in their community. Through partnerships and out of class planning, students see their ideas become a reality. Through creativity, innovation and critical thinking, students develop a business plan for their collective venture. The experience and skills acquired through this project help students foster citizenship, communication, leadership skills.

Professional Development
CEED also provides customized Professional Development sessions for teachers and educators! Consult with us today to determine how we can help you meet your objectives.

Please request a workshop, call 902-421-2333, or email info@ceed.ca for more info your school or community group!