Are you interested in igniting the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth in your community? Do you know young entrepreneurs looking to get a head start into the exciting world of business management? Let CEED’s Youth Entrepreneurship Workshops provide your classroom, curriculum, or community event with business tactics, skills, and expertise!

CEED’s Youth Entrepreneurship Workshops are designed to provide interactive entrepreneurial experience to young entrepreneurs. Participants will develop new skills, hone their existing ones, and identify how their abilities can tie into business management. Each workshop is 60-90 minutes in length with the flexibility to fit into any curriculum.

Our Youth Entrepreneurship Workshops:

  • Tower of Power (Ages 8-18) In teams, youth will collaborate, plan, and build a tower from various supplies, balancing construction with revenue generation and expense minimization to end with the most profit. This workshop introduces the basics of revenues, profit margins, and expenses, tapping into participants’ teamwork, critical thinking, and innovation.
  • Idea Generation (Ages 10-18) In teams, youth will dive into the relationship between the problems customers face and the solutions businesses provide. Participants will be introduced to the Value Proposition Canvas and explore how they can create business solutions to every day problems. This workshop offers opportunities for students to solve problems, practice their public speaking, think critically, and demonstrate their innate creativity.
  • Business Simulation (Ages 10-18) In teams, youth will experience the challenges of decision making in business through CEED’s Business Simulation software. Participants will make decisions on what to sell, where to sell it, and what to charge in a competition for the most profit against the other teams. This workshop offers an opportunity for students to develop their decision making, goal setting, and critical thinking skills, providing a glimpse into the competitive, fast-paced world of business and management.
  • Money Talks (Ages 12-18) This workshop acts as an introduction to Financial Literacy training. Youth will explore their thoughts surrounding the concept of money and finances, collaborating and discussing topics such as budgeting, saving, investing and more in order to develop their understanding of finances and how they can prepare themselves for a successful future. Participants will leave this workshop with the knowledge to create their own financial goals and think resourcefully with their money.

How can I book my workshop?

Our workshops can be delivered in person or online through the platform of your choice. Our Youth Entrepreneurship Workshops are currently being offered at $75 each during COVID-19.

Set the youth of Nova Scotia on the right path to entrepreneurship and innovation by booking your Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop today!

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Safe delivery through COVID-19:

The safety of our clients and our staff remains CEED’s top priority. Our Idea Generation, Business Simulation and Money Talks workshops involve no hands-on activities, and are easily deliverable virtually.

If you have any questions regarding CEED’s Youth Entrepreneurship Workshops or the safety of your participants, please reach out to us directly at

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