Open the door to smashed smoothies and more!

Welcome to Simply Smashed Smoothies where we'll smash you up a great drink!

Here at Simply Smashed Smoothies we sell delicously smashed smoothies out of eco-friendly cups'n'straws🌎, peanutbuter energy balls that will boost your health back to 💯 and don't forget about our super refreshing iced tea! And remember with every product you get a free fist bump 🤜🤛 from your soon to be famous creaters of Simply Smashed Smoothies!

About our wonderfull selves:

Emerik and A are the awesome creaters of Simply Smashed Smoothies the best smoothies in town. Ayy we sould put something funny in the website because we are REALLY funny🤣

Simply Smashed Smoothies delicous offerings
Banana chocolate swirl smoothie $4.50
berrie-mania smoothie $4.25
blueberrie-blast🫐 smoothie $4.25
watermeloon-whack🍉 smoothie $4.00
peanutbuter energy balls $2.50
Tetley orange Pekoe tea decaffeinated $4.00
Chamomile tea $3.50
Peppermint tea $3.00

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