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Welcome to my store thing, mes amis

I make short stories and bookmarks (I think that's obvious)

About Us:

My store was founded by Anonymous, a human from Nova Scotia. They enjoy writing books because yes.

Our Story and Bookmark offerings
The Story With No Name In this story, Alexter and his friends (Jackie and Taylen) find a secret bunker under the coal mine and they get trapped inside. How do they escape?? $3.00
Lies And Deceit Ally and her friends go for vacation on a cruise little do they know there is a murderer among them. Will they find out who it is or will they all die? (Heads up!: This book only has two chapters so there is no continuation.) $2.25
Survivors Nash wakes up in a post apocalyptic world where he finds out two other people had also survived the disaster. $2.50
An Adventure As Y/N A story in the P.O.V or 2nd person! And the main character is You! What adventures will Y/N(Your Name) get into? Read the story to find out. $2.10
Bookmarks Bookmarks with the logo on it! $1.00

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