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Here at Relaxing Bathroom Supplies we offer our customers great Relaxing Bath supplies so next time you want a relaxing time in the tub your all set with our large variety and range of amazing items Check it Out!

About Us:

Relaxing bath supplies was Created and founded by Sam Bryson, a Fourth time expert at ceed and he's back for his fourth time here because he is passionate about being a Entrepreneur just like his Dad, He loves selling and suppling his custormers will all there needs whatever they may be. Sam loves trying and expermenting with diffrent business's and full filling his custormers needs, he also uses his skills outside of just ceed because he is passionate and he wants to supply his customers with there needs as much as he can. So hopefully one day he can grow even bigger and expand.

Our Selection of Bathroom Supplies
Soap Jellys-Lavender scented $2.00
Soap Jellys-Manuka Honey scented $2.00
Soap Jellys-Almond Milk scented $2.00
Soap Jellys-Coconut Water scented $2.00
Soap Jellys-Spring Water scented $2.00
Soap Jellys-Grapefruit scented $2.00
Soap Jellys-Aloe scented $2.00
Soap Jellys-Seaberry scented $2.00
Soap Jellys-Marula Oil scented $2.00
Soap Jellys-non scented $2.00
Soap Jellys-2 Random scented Soap Jellys Bundle $4.00
Soap Jellys-All scents Bundle $18.00
Soap Jellys-Color pick Red
Soap Jellys-Color pick Yellow
Soap Jellys-Color pick Green
Soap Jellys-color pick Blue
Soap Jellys-Colors pick None
Candle-Peach scented $3.50
Candle-Grapefruit/Mango scented $3.50
Candle-Planty/Woodsy scented $3.50
Candle-Fresh Blue Water scented $3.50
Candle-Lavender scented $3.50
Candle-Fresh grown Cotten scented $3.50
Candle-Sandalwood $3.50
Candle-2 random scented candles bundle $6.50
Candle-All scents Bundle $20.00
Bath Bombs-Lavender $3.00
Bath Bombs-Blueberry $3.00
Bath Bombs-All Scents Bundle $6.00
Bubble bath-Lavender scented $10.00
Bubble bath-Japanese Cherry Blossom scented $10.00
Bubble bath-Ocean Breeze $10.00
Bubble bath-All Scents Bundle $28.00
One random scent from each product $18.50
All items and all scents Bundle+2bonus free shower lofas $68.00

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