A one of a kind reastaurant near you!

Welcome to Multicultural Meals!

Multicultural Meals is a business celebrating cultures world wide by connecting foods from each of our countries.

About Us:

Our names are Nataly, Nicolas, Oliver and Adeeb, we own Multicultural Meals. Here at Multicultural Meals we make foods from Colombia, Canada and Bangladesh for anyone looking for a nice bite. We also teach our customers about our cultures and bring together our unique cultures through our countries cuisines.

Our Menu
Breakfast Croissant Sandwich $7.99
Half Breakfast Croissant $3.99
One of Any Empanada $3.50
Two of Any Empanada $5.00
Arroz Con Leche $2.00
6 Samosas $9.50
Rice $4.50
'Round the World Food Bundle $14.50

Empanadas come in 3 fantastic flavors: beef and potato empanadas, motzerella cheese empanadas and cheese, potato and beef empanadas. All great flavors to choose from!

Croissant Toppings
Scrambled Eggs
Shredded Cheese

*Extra croissant toppings $1.25.

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