The best popcorn Annapolis valley has to offer!

Aloha, Welcome to Dressy popcorn!

Dressy popcorn offers a variety of popcorn flavours such as, Jane's plain and Jake's birthday cake. We offer different tastes to fullfill all your cravings !

About Us:

Dressy popcorn was founded by 2 owners named Lucy and Emma . They decided to make popcorn because several stores don't carry unique flavoures . They usually only cover the basics such as cheddar or plain butter. So they thought of choosing unique and delicous flavours to cover all your cravings !

Our Popcorn offerings
Jane's Plain $2.00
El chico's Hot stuff $3.00
Dill's Pickles $3.00
Jake's Bday cake $5.00
Carmen's Caramel corn $3.00
Vivian's Variety $15.00

Want popcorn? Place an order now by visiting us at the CEED website here:CEED's Website.