The best cake pop's the valley has to offer!

Welcome to the Cake Pop Queens website!

We offer cake pops and candy bags.This year we have decided to help spread awareness about whats going on in the world today. We have to have pride pops (in support of the LGBTQIA+ community),we have BLM pops (black lifes matter) and ECM pops (every child matters). We also will be donating 12% of our profit to charity.

About Us:

Hello, we are Alana and Isabella. We both go to EMS. This is our 3rd and 2nd year doing this camp. We always have lots of fun doing it!

Our Offerings
Vanilla cake pop (1) $1.75
Chocolate cake pop (1) $1.75
Birthday cake cake pop (1) $1.75
ECM pack large (5) $7.00
ECM pack small (3) $5.00
Pride pack (6) $8.00
BLM pack small (4) $6.00
BLM pack large (12) $17.00 Candy bag $2

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