For You, For The Earth

Welcome to Bellissimo Home Accessories

Bellissimo is a local buisiness that sells high quality home accessories for your home. From wire organizers to photo holders to even some very simple things such as plant pots, we've got you covered! Furthermore, 10% of our earnings go to the Greenpeace Charity to help save wildlife!

About Us:

Our names are: Erik, George and Vishay, and we are young entrepreneurs hoping to satisfy your home needs!

Our Products:
Painted Plant Pots $5.00
Wire Organizer-1 Holder $3.25
Wire Organizer-2 Holders $4.50
Wire Organizer-3 Holders $5.75
Hand Painted Photo Holder-Rock Base $5.50
Hand Painted Photo Holder and Plant pot Bundle $10.00
Wire Organizer-2 Holders and Hand Painted Photo Holder Bundle $9.50

Order one of our products now by visiting CEED's Website.