When Life Gives You Lemons… Become an Entrepreneur!

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Cape Breton, N.S. – Play the Virtual Cape Breton Lemonade Stand Simulation: A fun virtual game simulation where you become an entrepreneur!

Everyone is invited to play the Lemonade Stand Simulation and experience what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.  CEED Cape Breton is partnering with Navigate, Sydney Makerspace, and GoVenture to bring you the Cape Breton Virtual Lemonade Stand Simulation.   

The GoVenture business simulation game is realistic and fun. Like a flight simulator for business, GoVenture enables players to gain years of business experience in minutes by learning and practicing entrepreneurship at no cost or risk. Players make decisions about the lemonade formula, price, location and more! GoVenture is one of the original and most widely used series of educational games and simulations in the world and is produced and published by MediaSpark — a Cape Breton company.

The Founder and CEO of MediaSpark, Mathew Georghiou, says, “The entrepreneurial mindset is one of the most meaningful gifts we can give to the world. We’re pleased to be working with local partners to benefit the people of Cape Breton.”

This unique opportunity to play one of the top business simulations in the world will be LIVE from June 7th to June 21st, 2023. Join the tournament and play for free, but seats are limited, so register now! The game is completely online with nothing to download or install. All you need to play is a computer, Chromebook, or tablet with internet access. Players of all ages and levels are invited to play. Learn how to register and be eligible to win prizes here!

Matt Swan, Director of the Sydney Makerspace is also encouraging the maker community to play the game as “this is a great opportunity for many of our skilled makerspace users to explore the possibility of starting their own businesses.”

CEED, the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development, has been committed to advancing and supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship for more than 25 years and this spring they launched a Cape Breton CEED office.

CEED’s Cape Breton Regional Development Manager Kim Desveaux is excited to be starting the Cape Breton entrepreneurship conversation with the lemonade stand game.  “As an entrepreneur myself, I remember starting my entrepreneurial journey setting up real lemonade stands with friends back in the day. We were kids making money selling lemonade, blueberries and even potato chips.  Lemonade stands are universal – people understand the concept – make the lemonade, find thirsty customers, sell the lemonade, make more lemonade.  But these seemingly easy steps are the basic building blocks of successful businesses. So, a lemonade stand – and in this case – a virtual lemonade stand – is the perfect place to start a conversation about entrepreneurship” says Desveaux.

CEED is where the conversation starts, and with a vibrant and thriving entrepreneurial spirit, Cape Breton is the perfect place to start your entrepreneurial journey!

So as the saying goes: when life gives you lemons… become an entrepreneur!

Kim Desveaux

Regional Development Manager, Cape Breton


Edited by:

Kaitlyn Thibodeau

Entrepreneurship & Communications Coordinator


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