Maria-Fernanda Navarro
Senior Manager, Innovation Programming
(902) 421-2333 x2002 (phone)
(902) 536-3607 (cell)

Maria-Fernanda Navarro (MaFe) is the Senior Manager for Innovation Programming at the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Education & Development (CEED), supporting innovative founders on their journey to entrepreneurial success.

MaFe firmly believes that an innovation mindset must be present in all aspiring entrepreneurs. For her, innovation is about an individual coming forward with a creative idea and then learning to use design thinking, strategic planning, and decision-making to implement their new business idea successfully.

As an accredited Information Technology Professional, Entrepreneur and Certified Coach herself, MaFe lends CEED more than 15 years of experience exploring emerging technologies and trends, project management, business development and coaching.

MaFe has provided support, advice and mentorship to entrepreneurs throughout her time at CEED,  assisting them in starting, running and growing their businesses while helping them transform their mindset to become the most powerful leader and champion of their venture.

She is passionate about working with people and inspired by their dreams and ideas; she possesses a unique capacity to establish trusting relationships focused on innovation and performance.

She is always open to conversations, enthusiastic about learning and is a firm believer in the value of collaboration.