What is a self employment benefit program?

The self-employment benefits program is a 40 week comprehensive program that takes participants who are on unemployment insurance or are underemployed and are interested in becoming an entrepreneur. CEED’s self employment benefits program is somewhat of an entrepreneurial boot camp that turns everyday people into thriving business owners.

What does the self employment benefits program Nova Scotia include?

The Nova Scotia employment benefits program includes a support network through CEED to help citizens navigate the options of becoming an entrepreneur. The self-employment benefits program in Nova Scotia is a unique opportunity for all Nova Scotian citizens who are unemployed or under-employed and looking to become business owners. Canadians have the unique opportunity to receive direct support in becoming a business owner.

How do I get into a self employment benefits program with CEED?

The Self Employment Benefits Program is only accessible to those who are referred through Nova Scotia Works. In order to be eligible for self-employment benefits program through CEED you must review the following eligibility requirements below:

  • Unemployed or under-employed – working a maximum of 19.5 hours per week
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada – Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Labour Market Development Agreements (LMDA) Eligible/Premiums Paid Eligibility (PPE) *must meet 1 of the 4 criteria*
    • Currently on a regular EI claim
    • Have been on a regular EI claim within the last 5 years
    • Have generated at least $2,000 of insurable earnings in any 5 of the last 10 years
    • For full eligibility requirements visit the Employment Nova Scotia website.

CEED’s Self-Employment Benefits Program advisors, in addition to having extensive business experience, have a passion for helping program participants build their abilities and make the most of their resources to succeed as entrepreneurs. In other words, they are there to support you each step of the way. Our well-tested and highly effective approach to learning also gives participants an opportunity to test out different ideas and learn from each other.

The format:

The program starts off with a half-day orientation (in the morning), and there is a mandatory 30-minute 1-on-1 in the afternoon that includes a roadmap for the 40 weeks ahead.
Next, there are 15 workshops in which you learn essential lean startup and business skills.

You’ll be paired with an expert business advisor who will provide individualized support and one-on-one coaching throughout the program.

Guess what? You actually launch your business within the first 25 weeks of the program. That means you get to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve developed in the first weeks of the program to the real-world experience of owning your own business—all with the support of your advisor and peer

How do I apply for the self employment benefits program in Nova Scotia?

How to apply:


The first step in applying for the program is to find and contact a Nova Scotia Works Centre in your area where you will be advised about your options, starting with a review of eligibility requirements.


If you qualify for the program, you will then be given guidance for completing CEED’s
application forms, along with a referral to the program’s next orientation session.

Still have questions?

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