As an entrepreneur, you know operating a business gets complicated.

Operations for Startups gives you the right set of tools and frameworks to develop a customized operations and cost structure for your business.

In this workshop, we start with your value proposition—the customer’s problem your business will solve—and from there, our experts help you build the requirements of your supply chain, key relationships, and operating cost structure. Operations for Startups helps any entrepreneur better understand systems thinking, the overall supply chain structure, and the impact of operations on their business success.

If you’re ready to learn best-practice systems to take your business to the next level, register for Operations for Startups today!

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the systematic operations your business needs to get and keep a competitive advantage
  • Get a guide that helps you structure your primary business activities for the best logistics, operations, sales, and service
  • Explore secondary business activities, including procurement, technology, human resource management, and infrastructure
  • Discover how to work toward your ideal business output, applying the lessons you’ve learned

Additional details:

Price: $100
Length: 4 hours
Delivery: Online

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