Nurturing Progress and Sparking Innovation!

September 6, 2023 – Maria-Fernanda (MaFe) Navarro, Senior Manager, Innovation Programming, CEED

Hello, Inspiring Innovators and Entrepreneurs!

As we move into the final second half of the year, it’s our pleasure to reconnect through this newsletter. I am the Senior Manager of Innovation Programming at CEED. I am delighted to share a short dialogue on Goal Check-ins and the impact towards innovation and growth.

As we face new chances, let’s take a moment to cheer for our big and small wins. Taking time to do a “Goal Check-Ins” shows how we follow progress and prepares us to keep reaching for greatness. These successes guide us as we prepare to overcome new challenges and opportunities.

As we stride forward, it’s crucial to remember that our journey thrives on the synergy of collaboration and learning. Our collective check-ins and growth-oriented initiatives set the stage for a future marked by innovation and opportunities—the key to unlocking our potential is our shared determination to pursue excellence.

CEED Programs and Services is a compass guiding us toward transformative outcomes in innovative entrepreneurship. I invite you to delve into the many opportunities that await you here. Instead of mentioning specific programs, I encourage you to explore CEED’s comprehensive spectrum of resources. These offerings are designed to nurture your innovative spirit and equip you with the tools necessary to bring your ideas to life.

Before we part ways, I encourage you to immerse yourself in CEED’s innovative programming and services. Every resource is a stepping stone toward turning your inventive visions into reality. Remember that the path of innovation is an expedition best travelled together.

I extend an open invitation to connect with me. Have a groundbreaking idea? Curious about how to fine-tune your innovative approach? Let’s chat! Your innovative ideas are the lifeblood of our community, and I’m here to help you explore, refine, and amplify them. – I’m here to be your sounding board and innovation ally.

Let’s navigate the uncharted waters of the remainder of the year, charting a course that resonates with innovation, purpose, and progress. Your innovative ideas fuel the engine of progress. Let’s cultivate them together and light up the path to success.

In the spirit of innovation,

Maria-Fernanda (MaFe) Navarro

Senior Manager, Innovation Programming