As an entrepreneur, you know that having a business idea is only the first step. The challenge is to turn that exciting concept into a financially feasible reality.

If you’re ready to work on modelling a path to financial security for your business or prospective business, Financial Modelling is the workshop for you. This is an extension of our Pricing, Costing & Sales Forecasting for Startups and it’s a prerequisite for registration in this workshop.

In this workshop you will

  • Be introduced to the underlying concepts of assumption sheets
  • Explore the steps for creating a bottom-up revenue forecast
  • Learn strategies to efficiently navigate income statements, dashboards and balance sheets
  • Develop a financial model of your own, to help with your future plans and quantify in dollars the results of decisions

Program details

Price: $249
Length: 12 hours (2 sessions of 6 hours)

Find out how to understand and support the monetary security of your business, and register for Financial Modelling today!

Upcoming Dates

November 10 & 13, 2020
9:00am – 4:00pm