Assignments and Workflow

Week One

This is a foundational week and required readings include:

1. Expertise Enhancement and its roots:

a. Bloom's Taxonomy
b. Cognition
c. Schemas
d. Self-Efficacy
e. Information literacy
f. Story Telling

Assignment Week One

Submit a posting identifying those elements of the readings that resonate with your own experience (250 Words).

Week Two

Review the readings and postings from week one. Read the sample submissions below.

  1. Debrief of Guest Speaker
  2. Mini-Venture, Mini-Venture (Horses)
  3. Interview, Interview (Horses)

Assignment Week Two

Pick one of three sample exercises (above) and attempt to get "inside the writer's head" to see how the exercise impacted the way they learn both inside and outside of the classroom setting and post it to the assignment thread (250 Words).

Week Three

Go back to the reading on portfolios and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. Graze through the Michigan State career portfolio site with an emphasis on the Self Assessment pages.

Assignment Week Three

Reflect on the power of portfolios to help learners map: what they know and how they learn. Submit a posting to the assignment thread of the appropriateness/inappropriateness of including portfolios as part of your teaching repertoire (250 Words).