Are you a teacher, group facilitator or event host looking to inspire participating youth or students with entrepreneurial opportunities? CEED offers a handful of experiential workshops and programs designed to ignite the conversation surrounding entrepreneurship and provide them with the skills they need to think critically as they move forwards with their lives. The following programs are available for teachers/facilitators to schedule and run through their organization/event.

Youth Entrepreneurship Workshops:

CEED offers 60-75 minute workshops designed to engage youth with a variety of key entrepreneurial skills. These workshops are flexible to fit into either single training sessions, or part of a larger curriculum. If you want a sample of the training CEED can offer for youth, we strongly recommend starting by scheduling one of our workshops.

Youth Venture Project:

The Youth Venture Project is a full curriculum package designed to pull youth through business ideation, development and execution. Throughout the 5 sessions of this program, youth will learn all the basics about starting their own business and will be provided with the opportunity to act and execute upon their ideas. In-between sessions, teachers/facilitators will be provided with activities to evaluate youth’s work and keep the conversation surrounding entrepreneurship alive -well past the end of the program.

Resources for teachers/facilitators:

Interested in what other resources or opportunities CEED can offer? Contact us at to learn about what other resources are available.