Want to ensure your child is set on the right path? Want your child to take ownership of their skills & interest and showcase what they’re capable of? CEED offers programming and consultations to not only introduce entrepreneurship to youth, but allow them a safe space to test their creativity and innovation. Whether they’re taking the first step or are looking to accelerate their entrepreneurial portfolio, CEED will ensure they’re provided with the resources they need to succeed.

Juniorpreneur Camp Programming:

Our Juniorpreneur Camp Programming is a 5-day camp experience offered in communities across Nova Scotia throughout the Summer and March Break. Not only does this program act as a fun camp experience for youth, but our approach to engaging and experiential education ensures that campers will be provided with opportunities to learn entrepreneurship first hand. Campers can expect the opportunity to develop their own mini-business idea, and reap the rewards of any profits they make.

Lemonade Stand Tutorials:

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Resources to help foster an entrepreneurial future:

CEED is the doorway to an entrepreneurial future. We welcome any parents/guardians with youth ready for entrepreneurship to get in touch with CEED to figure out how we can help find success. Our advisory services are open for young entrepreneurs as well, should a consultation or meeting be the best way to start the conversation.

Unsure what's the best place to start?

We want to ensure that all youth get the support they need to start their entrepreneurial journey. Contact us at info@ceed.ca to learn more about how CEED can help.