Design to SucCEED Program

Do you have an innovative idea that you believe could make it as a commercial venture? Design to SucCEED is a program to help researchers, scientists and technology entrepreneurs discover and communicate the business value of their innovations. It is a series of structured meet-ups guided by expert coaches. The participants will apply a business focused lens to their idea and assess their readiness for the next stage of development, whether it’s incubation, licensing or partnerships.

What makes this program impactful?

  • A Founder Focus – it’s about people with ideas coming together to explore the value. Small groups of founders working together to help each other discover the value of their ideas.
  • It’s About Conversations – Active, dynamic conversations about business value, for people who are not ‘business people’. These conversations promote debates, laughter and intense discussion – and push founders to consider the possibilities for their ideas.
  • You Draw, Brainstorm & Debate the Business Value – this is not business planning – this is a time to draw, sketch, model and map the possibilities for the future of an idea as a business. Business planning is a later stage activity. This is ideation around the business value.
  • Action Oriented & Outcome Driven – this is not a training class! This is a meeting where decisions get made and the business value is defined. Every session ends with actions taken and an element of the business value decision made.

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CEED Programs are delivered in partnership with ACOA and the Province of Nova Scotia