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There is a captivating love for wooden toys that is shared by both parents and children. Wooden toy construction is more durable and has a warm, comforting feeling. The simplest, most traditional toys are usually the most brain stimulating affording parents the satisfaction that the toy is not only fun-to-play-with but valuable for their child’s educational and social development.

WCCItoys™ helps parents, grandparents and caregivers nurture children’s creative thinking skills, teach a scientific concept or spend quality time with the child through innovative, fun-to-play-with, wooden educational toys and woodcrafts. All our products are built with our own children in mind and as such we have ensured that for your children these hand-crafted toys are durable, eco-friendly and of high-quality – like valued traditional toys that were passed down through generations.

All our products are made in Canada guaranteeing they are safe and non-toxic for your children.


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