Pine Hill Environmental Consulting Inc. (pHEC) is a boutique service provider offering an array of environmental advice and solutions for private industry and government sectors. Our core focus is on ecosystem management, biophysical studies, site assessment, risk analysis, and the protection of the environment, human health and animal wellbeing. We pride ourselves on providing choice of multiple sustainable solutions to best meet your environmental needs. pHEC’s professional and technical services is based on over twenty years of experience in field surveys, laboratory research, data analysis, project management, technical reporting and publication and stakeholder relations at Environment & Climate Change Canada and private consulting firms. He holds a B.Sc. in Marine Biology and M.Sc. in Environmental Toxicology. As environmental consultants, pHEC assists clients in the identification, mitigation and removal of historical or future risks associated with their endeavours or undertakings. pHEC will reduce obstacles that hinder the process of business and recommend sustainable remedies for the client to choose the most beneficial option.

Vision: To be the benchmark for integrity in providing quality environmental advice and sustainable solutions in Nova Scotia.

Mission Statement: pHEC provides efficient, reliable, science-based assessment, advice and assistance to individuals or organizations on environmental problems stemming from physical undertakings or contamination in water, air, soil or building materials. pHEC will accomplish this through strong research and evaluation methodologies to identify problems, measure and gauge risks, and recommend multiple sustainable solutions so that the client may decide which is the best-suited option. We will ensure client peace of mind by addressing environmental liabilities with a quality, cost-effective solution, all with a personal touch.

Timothy Boudreau, B.Sc., M.Sc., EP Director, Sr. Aquatic Ecologist

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