Pick Empowerment assists individuals, teams, families, and communities grow to achieve health + wealth success. Pick Empowerment is a coaching business specializing in unique programs to empower health + wealth growth. With over twenty-five years supporting individuals reach their goals, Pick Empowerment’s President, Charlene Pickrem CYC-P, (MA)CYS, SEIC, has a passion for encouraging others to overcome challenges to succeed.

If interested in discussing how Pick Empowerment can assist you to reach health + wealth goals please get in touch. The first consultation meeting is free. I don’t charge by the hour, only by the engagement/package.

I always encourage at least a 6-month coaching contract because behavior change takes 3-6 months to achieve. What assessments are being used (Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile©) how often individual/group coaching sessions take place, length of modules or workshops being presented, impact price margins.

Social + Emotional Intelligence Profiles and Coaching© can be administered to youth as young as twelve.

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