Junkery is a 100% locally owned and operated rapidly growing junk removal company based in Bayers Lake Industrial Park, Halifax. Launched in early 2015, we offer really convenient junk removal options to customers to simply make their life easier.

We do that by offering customized junk removal solutions such as our Junkery Bags – a perfect alternative to dumpster/bin rentals in addition to regular Junkery Pick Up where we are in and out with ninja-like steathliness (our own word!) so customers can get on with their day; or it may be a combination of a Junkery Bag and our Junkery Pick Up service. And the best part is that we divert more than 80% of what we pick up from the landfill. We’re awesome like that!

Contact Information

(902) 455 5865


106-2D Chain Lake Drive Vantage Point 2 Bayers Lake
Nova Scotia
B3S 1A8

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