Canopy Landscape Design Studio offers site inspections, horticultural advice on tree and plant health care, and landscape designs ranging from conceptual ideas to full master plans. Tara designs landscapes using environmentally, ecologically sound, sustainable solutions achieved through innovative thinking and creative use of technology.

Tara sees her work as an extension of the land; using the natural and built elements of the environment to construct a space that is engaging and timeless.  Her design method is innovative, ecological, and environmentally responsible.  She aspires to create a design that illustrates nature, architecture and culture in a seamless environment that is unique and extraordinary.

  • Tara is an accomplished professional with 14+ years of experience designing sustainable and functional landscapes and over 20 years of management and business development experience
  • Approachable, detailed designer with an excellent track record at all project stages from feasibility and planning to detailed design and implementation
  • Passionate about quality and always striving for improvement. She thinks both imaginatively and analytically to provide a compelling foundation for design choices

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