Although many small business owners strive to keep the “little guy” in mind, Large Lad Clothing creator, James Weir, is trying to do just the opposite.

As a bigger guy, James Weir has had his share of challenges trying to find stylish clothes that fit. He recalls experiencing a shopping trip in late 2014 when he yet again failed to find decent wardrobe options, as the moment when decided to create Large Lad Clothing. With the encouragement of his wife, and the Self Employment Benefits Program at CEED, he went on to establish a quality clothing company, tailored exclusively to larger men.

Men who share Weir’s struggle of finding stylish clothes need to look no further. Large Lad’s Clothing is a high quality, breathable and vented clothing line aimed at helping the larger man feel his best every day. His wide selection of apparel has amassed many followers which he refers to as a brotherhood called: “The Tribe”. Weir’s concept for the brotherhood aims to help create his brand power contribute to the growing movement of men’s’ body positivity.

Having only opened his business in January 2016, Weir has been very pleased with the response thus far. Although found primarily online, his clothing is available for purchase in-store from Truro, NS all the way to Austin, TX.

Large Lad Clothing has received many major endorsements from ambassadors who proudly promote Weir’s line. Affiliations with DJ IV, Plus Model Mag, DJ Sneak, and The Chubstr Blog as well as many other influencers, magazines and blogs have been incredible additions to Weir’s success story.

In spite of having faced many hardships along his journey, James Weir has overcome plenty of adversity and he continues to “keep pushing forward”. He plans take to advantage of every opportunity he is given to share his business’ passion and to keep learning from his mistakes. Weir truly exhibits what it means to be an ambitious entrepreneur, and he embodies the resilience it takes to be successful. As he puts it, he plans to “Go hard to the end, bitter or sweet” but with his great spirit, it will surely be sweet.

(Pictured is James Weir, left, with Interviewer & Co-op Student, Gabe Roy, right.)