Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)  Urban Main Street Loan Initiative (UMSLI)

CEED is a provider of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) for “main street businesses” called The Urban Main Street Loan Initiative (UMSLI) 

This loan is to be used to finance the everyday operations of a business such as sales and marketing, product development, wages and other activities for businesses such as retail shops, restaurants, corner stores, etc., and businesses of strategic importance to the community.

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General Details:

  • Maximum loan of $40,000
  • 0% interest until December 31, 2022;
  • No principal payments until December 31, 2022;
  • Principal repayments can be voluntarily made at any time without penalty;
  • 25% up to a maximum of $10,000 in loan forgiveness is available, provided the outstanding balance is paid back by December 31, 2022;
  • If any part of the balance is not paid by December 31, 2022, the remaining balance will be converted to a term loan effective January 1, 2023; and,
  • The full balance must be repaid no later than December 31, 2025.


An Applicant deemed eligible for a Loan funded by the UMSLI must meet the following criteria:

(a) must be an SME or Social Enterprise

SME is defined as a small and medium-sized enterprise, which is defined as having less than 500 employees and annual sales revenues of less than $20 million, with products goods and services for the market economy, regardless of their business structure (e.g. sole proprietorship, partnerships, for profit or non-profit corporations, cooperatives.)

Social Enterprise is defined as any business producing goods and services for the market economy, but manage their operations and redirect their surpluses in pursuit of social, environmental, and community goals. Typically, Social Enterprises grow out of community economic development strategies involving citizens, government, the voluntary sector, business learning institutions and other partners.

(b) must have been a viable business or enterprise carrying on business and, where appropriate, registered in Nova Scotia on or before March 1, 2020;

(c) must be operating, and where appropriate, duly registered to operate, within the urban territory of the Recipient;

(d) must have been adversely impacted as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak;

(e) must have had a payroll below $1.5 million in its 2019 fiscal year;

(f) must demonstrate through attestation that they have attempted to access other federal relief measures under Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, such as the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA), the Wage Subsidy benefits, the Commercial Rent Assistance for small businesses among others, and were either ineligible or rejected; or accessed COVID-19 relief measures and continue to experience liquidity issues.

(g) must not receive a Loan for the same costs for which it has received or will receive other federal relief measures;

(h) must demonstrate that its business activities have a reasonable expectation of economic viability, as well as job creation and/or maintenance; however, applications should also be judged on the Applicant’s commitment and dedication to the business, as well as earning potential; and

(i) must demonstrate need and attest that the loan proceeds will be used for costs and/or working capital related to COVID-19.

Eligible Costs

(a) costs that will help to stabilize the Applicant to mitigate impacts of COVID-19 and that are not covered by other COVID-19 relief measures; including:

  1. rent (only eligible if the Canada Emergency Commercial Rental Assistance program is not accessed);
  2. rental or leasing of equipment and machinery;
  3. salaries and benefits (only eligible if business is not eligible for, or was rejected under, through the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS));
  4. property taxes;
  5. utilities;
  6. cleaning supplies;
  7. additional safety measures;
  8. bank interest/charges and loan repayment (interest);
  9. office supplies;
  10. vehicle operating expenses;
  11. professional fees;
  12. insurances; and,
  13. other fixed overhead costs and one-time stabilization expenditures

(b) costs have become due or have been incurred since March 15, 2020; and

(c) costs not otherwise deemed ineligible.

In calculating the amount of the Loan, only costs for which the Applicant has not received any other relief or assistance shall be considered. For example, if the Applicant has received a 75% subsidy under CEWS, the Loan cannot be used to cover the remaining 25%.

Ineligible Costs
The following costs are deemed ineligible for a Loan funded under the UMSLI:

(a) costs related to refinancing of an existing debt;
(b) costs related to land acquisition;
(c) goodwill; and
(d) costs related to the purchase of any assets for more than the fair market value of the said asset.

Supports for Small Business – Update April 21, 2020

Nova Scotia – Small Business Impact Grant
Open today! The Small Business Impact Grant will provide eligible small businesses and non-profits who have had to close or reduce operations because of the public health order a one-time, flexible (can be used for any purpose) grant. This grant is equal to 15% of the business’ revenue from sales, either from April 2019 or February 2020, up to a maximum of $5,000. To qualify, your business must have been established on or before March 15, 2020 and have an anticipated revenue loss for April 2020 of 30% or more. The deadline to apply is Saturday, April 25.

Nova Scotia – Worker Emergency Bridge Fund
The Worker Emergency Bridge Fund provides a one-time payment of $1,000 for Nova Scotians who are laid off or out of work (includes self-employed) as of March 16, 2020 because of COVID-19, who don’t qualify for Employment Insurance, and earn between $5,000 and $34,000. The fund can be combined with the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). Apply by calling 1-800-863-6582. The phone line is open 7 days a week (including holidays) between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Federal – Canada Emergency Response Benefit
The CERB is now available if you earned $1,000 (before taxes) or less during an eligibility period. If this applies to your situation, you may be eligible to apply for a previous period, starting March 15, 2020.

Federal – Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)
Available now – The CEBA will provide an interest-free loan of $40,000 for qualifying businesses. Up to $10,000 may be eligible for loan forgiveness if $30,000 is fully repaid by December 31, 2022. To qualify, businesses will need to demonstrate they paid between $50,000 to $1 million in total payroll in 2019.

Federal – Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)
This week, the federal government proposed further details on the eligibility criteria for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. The CEWS provides a 75% wage subsidy to eligible businesses for up to 12 weeks, retroactive to March 15, 2020.

CEEDling Spotlight: Sweet Surrender Wellness

In my first correspondence with Sweet Surrender Wellness CEO, Ginny Sweet, I learned of her initiative for participants who may not usually have the opportunity to enjoy yoga. This piqued my interest as I thought “Yoga seems fairly easy, how can there be individuals excluded from the opportunity to appreciate it?” (Being an untried yogi myself). Was I ever in for a rude awakening.

At the time, Sweet was teaching two classes that stood out from the rest; one was a yoga class designed for students with low vision, and the other a course for those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury, both providing a guided practice customized to be a better fit for participants with a range of physical abilities.

Instantly I thought of my comments made minutes prior, and was disappointed that I could have completely overlooked the issue, and the need. I was now in for a rollercoaster ride of new information and research about the mental and physical benefits of yoga for the disabled participant, the limited options available to enjoy those benefits, and what Ginny Sweet of Sweet Surrender Wellness was doing to create a supportive place for people of all abilities to find strength, a sense of calm, a burst of energy and a sense of accomplishment from yoga.

Image result for sweet surrender wellness


Hailing from a background in healthcare, having worked in both a hospital and rehabilitation setting, Sweet knows first-hand the exclusivity that can be involved in mainstream physical activity. What some may consider a walk in the park (literally or figuratively) others could find excruciatingly difficult or downright impossible. This is a problem Sweet has addressed head-on in creating Sweet Surrender Wellness: giving the option of physical activity and wellness to those who need it most.

Where did this desire to help originate? At one point in her life, before she was known as a community companion to many, Sweet was in the exact same position as the clients she is helping today. Just two years before the creation of Sweet Surrender Wellness, Sweet had an injury of her own; an accident resulted in a back injury that required medical intervention. Sweet dealt ceaselessly with chronic pain and nerve damage until one day a physiotherapist suggested an ancient discipline based in deep stretching, balance and relaxation: yoga.

“I was a very active person before this and having to slow down due to an injury was very hard for me. After some time, I started to see small gains; I could bend a bit more or I could hold a pose longer. It by no means happened overnight, but with time and some help to adapt some poses, I saw changes. I was more aware of my breath during the day and how things affected me.”

Just as you’d expect your business advisor to have direct experience with the problem you are confronting, or a basketball coach to have played through exactly the tactical blind spot tripping you up; Sweet knows the hardship of recovering from injury. She was inspired by her journey from bedridden hopeful to certified yoga instructor, and this inspiration is now helping hundreds of others in similar situations across Nova Scotia


Image result for sweet surrender wellness


What about programs for the experienced yogis? For the veterans of meditative exercise, Sweet showcases certifications, training and knowledge to impress the most seasoned of yoga fanatics. With 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, First Aid and CPR Health Care Professional all while being fully insured and licensed, Sweet offers all that any other Halifax yoga destination could, and then some.

Ginny Sweet came to CEED with an idea and a dream in her pocket. Coming from a background of healthcare, Sweet wasn’t at all aware of the planning processes, bookkeeping and communications work that needed to be done to even develop a solid business idea. Starting with the fundamentals of business building, CEED and Sweet quickly worked their way up the ladder towards creating a successful enterprise. With the help of an accomplished business advisor and a couple of free workshops, Sweet managed to beat the odds and come out on top, now running a business that inspires her to do the best work she possibly can.

“I did not come from a business background, at all. I had no idea where to begin, I came to CEED with a dream. That was it. Through both workshops and support from staff I have gained the knowledge to not only start up my business, but to truly get to see my dreams come to fruition. I cannot thank CEED enough for the support I have received in all areas of my business!”

When asked how her company has found success after leaving the tree, this CEEDling responded saying:

“I believe a great deal of my success has come from my passion for what I’m doing. I love having the chance to learn about what different organizations around the HRM are doing and working with them to develop a class for their specific clients. I have an open mind and really enjoy new experiences which has helped me build relationships around the city.”

And Ginny, CEED couldn’t agree more.

In her quest to help people of all ability realize their potential and health, Sweet has separated Sweet Surrender Wellness from the pack of other Halifax yoga centers. Sweet Surrender Wellness showcases a philanthropic approach to yoga, and inclusivity that can unfortunately be hard to find in the yoga community. CEED is proud of Ginny Sweet and her company for all their accomplishments, can’t wait to see what’s yet to come.

Entrepreneurs Polish Your Pitches: Dragons’ Den Coming to CEED

CBC’s top rated unscripted television show Dragons’ Den recently announced its 14th season, and with it; tour dates across Canada. Halifax entrepreneurs will be pleased to hear the tour is once again visiting Halifax, NS, with auditions held at the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED).

March 16th is set to be the big date. Auditions are set to take place from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm and are offered on a first come – first serve basis! Auditions are set to take place at CEED, Suite 225, 7071 Bayers Road. Halifax, NS B3L 2C2.

Open to all ages and businesses, no matter the stage of development, this audition can afford the participant the on-look of millions of potential Canadian customers. Hopeful entrepreneurs will prepare to pitch their conception in five minutes or less, with a demonstration and Q&A to follow. Contestants who have what it takes will be invited to Toronto to showcase their business idea and face the Dragons, where the nation’s top ideas will be awarded funding.

An experienced host of Dragons’ Den auditions, CEED will be offering multiple services to eager entrepreneurs before, during and after presentations are made to show producers. Upon arrival, contestants in queue to present will be afforded an opportunity to run a mock presentation to CEED executives, in preparation for final auditions. CEED will be offering these trial runs free of charge with the goal of helping contestants eliminate hesitation and uneasy feelings.

“While contestants are waiting in line, we will offer a practice run in order to eliminate pre-presentation jitters and have contestants ready to think on their feet. We will also be judging these presentations with similar criteria to event judges, in order to give effective feedback. We hope participants will be able to take advantage of these offerings and do better because of them”

CEED will be offering practice pitches from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

While not offering equivalent fame and star-time as Dragons’ Den, CEED will be offering similar help to entrepreneurs. With loans, business advisors and workshops, CEED is more than well equipped to don entrepreneurs with enough information and expertise to develop their business without having the need for appearing on television.

For more information, visit the Dragons’ Den website


Juniorpreneur 2019 Spotlight

If I were to say that, we are now in a new era of entrepreneurism, with highly proficient self-employers who are making more new businesses than ever to compete with the massive monopolies and a stagnant economy, would you believe it?

The fact of the matter is, as time goes on there are less and less entrepreneurs and self-starters creating innovative businesses than we have seen in the past 50 years. In actuality, the entrepreneurs who do decide to venture into the self-owned business world have an average age of 40 years old, leaving a question mark as to and why there are less young entrepreneurs than ever. Simply put, this is attributed to the low net worth owned by young aspiring entrepreneurs, paired with the high startup costs and risks involved in starting a business. Moreover, in a time where debts, housing and other costs are rising exponentially, why would younger generations take on one of the riskiest career paths in entrepreneurship?

While this may sound bleak, there are some, who are actively trying to change the status quo and help new entrepreneurs get a footing. The Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) helps not only adults get their business off the ground, but aids in introducing entrepreneurship to younger generations. CEED hopes that one day these future executives will use their self-employment to create new jobs, and a faster more fluid economy. This is all made possible through Juniorpreneur Camp 2019.



Juniorpreneur Camp is a five-day ‘create your own business camp’ where campers will pair into groups of 3 – 4 and let their imaginations run loose in creating their own functioning enterprises. Read below for a week of Juniorpreneur activities!




Come into camp and meet everyone! They will find like-minded campers and separate into groups to start brainstorming ideas for their business. The day is not without its fun, games and informational activities. The day is spent blueprinting, planning products/services and the early stages of sculpting potential market and customers.


Campers begin to nail down their business ideas, as they will have to have everything up and running in two days for sale day! CEED facilitators and leaders give guidance, and help to shape ideas into real, physical businesses. Aside from creating products, services and advertisements, the aspiring entrepreneurs will be learning what keeps a business afloat and how to keep working on their businesses, even after camp ends.


Today is a day of hands on learning, as we leave CEED headquarters and head for Downtown Halifax in search of entrepreneurs and other fun business related activities. All activities today will be both entertaining and informative, with a goal of teaching campers how a real entrepreneurial venture is operated. Last year we visited the Discovery Centre and the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, where CEED alumni explained their business and how it came to where it is today.


Sale day! Be prepared to broadcast your advertisements and set up shop in the mall just outside of CEED. In years past, campers have sold cookies and other baked goods, homemade valuables such as earrings or other jewelry and even services like shoe cleaners! As any real business would operate, campers will sell their product/service and keep their profits! Last year campers went home with an average of $150, while one group made an astounding $1,200 each! Campers will have the choice to donate a portion of their earnings to a charity of their choosing, with help from CEED.


Today is the day campers present their businesses to the world, including a podium of judges who will give them feedback on their businesses and recommendations on how to improve it. In a quick elevator pitch style presentation, campers put their businesses to the final test in determining how viable their business is. Awards are presented to wrap the day up, with new companies winning awards in sales, customer service, marketing and more.

To find an example of a successful Juniorpreneur Camp business, look no further than Beach Coast Earrings. This luxury homemade earring seller came together in CEED’s hallways, and now operates as a full time business! With multiple different products on the market, this group of girls have a serious future in entrepreneurship. They were deemed so successful that they were nominated and awarded the Youth Business Award by the Family Business Association.

“CEED has taught us that creating a business is not just about having a business. It’s about working together as a team to generate ideas and come up with solutions to problems and make the product even better! And we did!”

– Beach Coast Earrings executives and Juniorpreneur Alumni


CEED is incredibly proud of this young group of self -starters, and the many more who have created successful, sustaining businesses from Juniorpreneur camp!

Want to learn more about Juniorpreneur Camp 2019? Need to know how to enroll? Check out the link below for a detailed summary of camp, and more!

March Break & Summer Juniorpreneur Camp

CEEDling Spotlight: Mermaid Fare

With more and more information released every day about the harm done to the Earth by industrial animal agriculture, questioning and re-evaluating options for a nutritious but also eco-friendly and sustainable diet has become increasingly commonplace. If not meat, then what? When it comes to replacing meat with more eco-friendly choices in your diet, some may turn to traditional plant-based proteins, some may rely upon dietary supplements, but these options are not everything the world has to offer.

Point being; if you live in Atlantic Canada, one protein-packed, vitamin and mineral-rich food capable of being brought to market with a low carbon footprint is found literally all around us. This is the point CEO Taylor Widrig made clear with her creation of the sea-cuisine company: Mermaid Fare.

In business since 2013, Mermaid Fare produces high-value, nutrient-dense, edible sea vegetables and sea vegetable-based products. In North America, an appreciation for sea vegetables as a food source is young but growing. Mermaid Fare is tapping into the potential of this emerging market sector and provides healthy and environmentally friendly options for the savvy, ecological consumer.

Healthy and environmentally friendly are theme words here, as these are the two principles with which Taylor Widrig focused on when starting her company. After graduating culinary school in Northern California, she started her journey with Mermaid Fare by educating, teaching classes and catering to soon-to-be sea vegetable lovers. After realizing the potential that sea vegetables carry, Widrig decided to make a pivotal change to her business idea and cultivate, harvest, process and package her own product line, so she could sell her super-foods directly to her customer base.

In 2018, Widrig came to CEED with the hopes of expanding her already up and running business.  She found help in CEED’s Impact Loan Program where, paired with a seasoned advisor, Widrig was provided guidance with her business plan and financial projections.

Two of Taylor Widrig’s main aspirations with her company were to promote human health and a healthy, sustainable environment. These ambitions have grown to include a commitment to adding value to the health of local communities. In doing so, Mermaid Fare has teamed with DASC (Dartmouth Adult Services Centre) to handle product packaging.

Earlier this year, Widrig was nominated and attended the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference on behalf of the United Nations Development Program representing Canada. This opportunity afforded Widrig the knowledge and experience of other sustainable business owners and public figures across the globe, while they work towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals call to action. At the conference, Widrig spoke about the value of social enterprise.

“It was the most unexpected happening and felt like the greatest honour beyond words to describe.”

With all products sourced within Atlantic Canada, and the cultivated Sugar Kelp and Alaria species – Widrig is leagues ahead of competitors in the ecological movement, and is well on her way to accomplishing UN set goals.

The potential for the success of Mermaid Fare to develop a novel product with a new, sustainable model is one that resonates just as audibly as the blooming sea vegetable market. CEED stands firmly behind new industry leaders by helping them to SucCEED, and aspires to shape more CEED alumni with the same ambition and innovation as Mermaid Fare CEO Taylor Widrig.

What’s new with Mermaid Fare?

One of Widrig’s latest feats has been in the world of literature. With her writing and release of Mermaid Seaweed Colouring & Recipe book she has reached out to youth in hopes of creating a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow. With the help of Nimbus Publishing, she is hoping to add further to the book with more recipes, ocean conservation, mermaid folklore, and the way of the mermaid.

To learn more and stay up to date on Mermaid Fare and any events visit their website:









CEEDling Spotlight: Pick Empowerment

A special blog post contribution by Charlene Pickrem, owner of Pick Empowerment.

Pick Empowerment assists individuals, teams, and families grow to succeed! Offering the most valid and reliable personality assessment on the market today. Charlene Pickrem, CYC-P, (MA)CYS, SEIC©, radio host of Mental Health – Let’s Talk About it! and president of Pick Empowerment can provide a variety of engaging, context specific needs awareness strategies to address twenty six social and emotional intelligence skills. Enhancing your or another’s self-awareness, awareness of other, self regulation and management of other is a win-win for everyone playing in the sandbox of life.

Charlene started with CEED in April 2016 by attending recommended classes and meetings with mentor support and free membership to the Centre for Women in Business.

“I had NO business education and worked for a not for profit society when I became a facilitator at a private college. I had a lot to learn and that is what I liked most about the CEED program. There were a variety of foundational classes to get your toes wet and see if the business you were proposing was even plausible. Learning about the coaching market, competitors in Nova Scotia, importance of networking, the legal ramifications of owning your own business, the responsibilities and costs. I still remember being told that 85% of small business owners don’t make it past year three. I am here!”

Charlene tells the story of how she came to create what became Pick Empowerment:

“The idea of facilitating and conducting workshops to assist an [individual and/or] teams mental health well-being was not a new idea as a long term goal. What did change was becoming certified as a Social + Emotional Intelligence Profiler and Coach©. After working twenty years as a Residential Child and Youth Care Practitioner (RCYC-P) struggling with my own mental health/illness, facilitating at the college and university level I started Pick Empowerment to assist others to grow.”

“Pick Empowerment is unique because we are local, Nova Scotia is [my] target market and it is where [I want] to work with others. I try my best to meet my clients face-to-face to discuss challenges and to see if we would work well together. A connection needs to be genuine, growth can be uncomfortable, relational practice is best practice.”

Charlene reflects on what she’s learned in the past 3 years, explaining her process on how she came to recently re-brand Pick Empowerment:

“The past three years has allowed me the opportunity to try, fail, learn, try again and again. The entrepreneurial journey has provided me many learning opportunities and I don’t see that changing. What I have realized is the journey may change, but my purpose/brand will not- it will be my foundation. I wanted my own logo and I wanted it to tell the story. Why do I do what I do? I want to see your gardens grow. Go to my blog to read about Pick Empowerments logo.”

Visit Charlene’s new Pick Empowerment website at
Or follow her social media:

CEEDling Spotlight: Tranquility Spa

A special blog post contribution by Monique Gracie, Owner/Master Esthetician of Tranquility Spa.

Monique has been a master esthetician for over 16 years now. Having been in the industry since she was 18, she was ready to take the next step in her career and become her own boss. With the intent of owning her own spa, Monique decided to go back to school. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship, Monique didn’t feel quite prepared enough and didn’t know exactly how to go about opening her own business.

“If it wasn’t for CEED, I wouldn’t be here.” She says that CEED gave her the clear process that she needed to open her own spa. She was given the steps to take along with a deadline, which helped her to get things done and make decisions. She says that CEED gave her the extra skills that she needed in order to get her spa up and running.

Monique started with CEED by taking our Blast Off course in May 2018, and then entered into the Plan to SucCEED Program (via the Self-Employment Stream) in June 2018. Even though she won’t be graduating until July 2019, her business is well on its way. Tranquility Spa had its soft opening this past Tuesday, December 4th. The spa will have its Grand Opening this Saturday, Decemeber 8th!

Monique has run into many obstacles and challenges along the way, including finding her location, unexpected expenses, and lots of little things that you don’t realize could pop up. Her advice to new entrepreneurs is, “Don’t give up on your dream. There will be stressful and overwhelming days, but you’ll get through it. Stick to your passion!”

Monique is continuously upgrading her education when it comes to products and services. She is always taking courses so she is able to offer her clients new services. Monique is passionate about the services she offers, she loves making people look and feel great!

Tranquility spa offers many different services from manicures and pedicures, to facials, tints, waxing, and eyelash extensions. Click here for a full list of services. Tranquility Spa carries Dermalogica products, a tried-and-true favourite of Monique, which may also be purchased in shop.

Keep a close eye on Tranquility Spa’s social media pages for special deals and/or offers!

252 Waverly Rd., Dartmouth

Sunday – Closed
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 9-7
Wednesday – 9-8
Thursday – 9-8
Friday – 9-7
Saturday – 9-5

Plan to SucCEED Graduation

Plan to SucCEED is CEED’s intensive 40-week program that is designed to help you successfully launch your business. The program gives each participant the chance to start and grow their business by offering them one-on-one advising with a business advisor, 20+ hands-on workshops, the chance to collaborate with peers, and much more!

On Monday, November 26th, CEED held a ceremonial graduation celebrating the 40 weeks of hard work and dedication that our 48 Plan to SucCEED participants showed in creating their new startup companies.

The event featured a graduation presentation to celebrate the highlights of the 40-week program, a speech from our valedictorian, and a Small Business Showcase demonstration where graduates had the chance to put their business on display.

Showcases: Eye Deal Auto – Robert Billings, Lake William Films – Bill Chernin, Podcast Atlantic – Michael Boyd, & shiftED Academy – Tisha Paker Kemp. (Left to right.)

This year’s valedictorian, chosen by CEED’s Plan to SucCEED team, was Tisha Parker Kemp and her company shiftED Academy. ShiftED Academy offers different business development workshops to businesses and professionals including Training and Coaching, Keynote and Conferences, and Curriculum and Course Development.

*To learn more about our Plan to SucCEED program, click here.

CEEDling Spotlight: Podcast Atlantic

A special blog post contribution by Michael Boyd, Owner/Operator of Podcast Atlantic.

“Podcast Atlantic is a Podcast Directory for Atlantic Canadian Podcasts and a Production Company for those who want to dip their toes into the podcasting world but don’t want the hassle of dealing with equipment, editing and everything else that comes with the production of a great podcast. We are a professional podcasting company dedicated to professional service, quality storytelling, and trustworthy results.”

Michael Boyd began his journey with CEED, in November 2017, with the goal of telling Atlantic Canada’s Stories.

“With [his] background in television [he] wanted to get back into a creative business. While employed as a delivery driver [he] was able to listen to many podcasts”, but he had trouble finding any locally produced podcasts. “[He] also knew, with [his] storytelling ability, [he] could help others spread their story.”

He is graduating from CEED’s Plan to SucCEED program via the Self Employment Benefits (SEB) stream this Monday, November 26th,2018.

What makes Podcast Atlantic unique is that, “[a]fter only eight months, the directory has grown to over 100 podcasts and is the only regional directory in Canada and possibly the world.”

Michael was awarded the Wise 50 over 50 Award with Podcast Atlantic for senior entrepreneurs who are giving back to the community. He is also very excited that Podcast Atlantic will be included in Dalhousie University’s Collide 2018-2019.

(Pictured is Michael Boyd.)
CEED Programs are delivered in partnership with ACOA and the Province of Nova Scotia