Has your business been underperforming pre Covid-19?  Did Covid-19 impact your business severely?  Does it feel like you are reacting to effects, rather than addressing the causes?  Are you unsure about how to fix the underlying problems of your business?  CEED | Business Recovery & Optimization has been designed to help you, as the business owner, put your business on an actionable path of recovery and optimization. 

Program details

This program runs over 6-weeks, and consist of 4 sessions (during the 1st 30 days of the program) supported by individual business advisory sessions.  Each cohort consists of a maximum of 6 participating companies. CEED screens all applications to ensure exclusive industry-specific representation.  Program sessions include the following:

Day 1 | Session 1 – Critical Assessment & Goal Setting.  Critically assess the current status of your business using a SWOT and high-level PESTLE Analysis, answering the question “can this kill my business in the next 30 days? 

Day 2 | Session 2:  15-Day Triage Action & Cash Flow Plan.  Identify and plan the action decisions that you need to make during the next 15 – 30 days. For example; cash flow, revenues, cost mitigation, leadership, staff, sales, marketing, and operations.

Day 14 | Session 3:  30-90 Stabilization Plan & Business Model Pivot:  Compare your SWOT/PESTLE analysis against your current Business Model while focusing on four key operational functions; Revenues, Costs, Key Partners and Channels. Begin to incorporate your 15 – 30 Day Triage Action Plan, identify and define strategic pivots. 

Day 30 | Session 4:  90+ Optimization Plan & Business Model:  Develop your desired optimized business model, that includes Cash Flow, Budgeting, Goal setting, Processes, and People within your own Business Optimization Balanced Scorecard

What makes this program impactful?

It delivers practical, actionable insight into what is causing distress in your business. Business failure is rarely due to one single cause. As a business owner you may think your business’ decline is due to a sudden unexpected blow (like Covid-19). However, it is almost always the cumulative impact of many factors which, as they arose, did not receive immediate attention, which is now bringing the business to its knees.

No more “problem shifting”. We help you identify the correct solutions and their impact. We help you differentiate between the business distress symptoms and problems. As a business owner, you know you have a problem because you are experiencing the effects. However, if you react to the effects rather than the underlying causes – you will not get the results you want.

You Debate, Challenge, and Empower. This is not about conceptual business planning, but an active and challenging program that is designed to give you the confidence to take and implement specific action steps.  You want to start making money. We challenge you to understand and correct your challenges head-on.

Action Oriented & Outcome Driven. This is not a training class! This is a meeting where decisions get made. Every session ends with actions taken towards the recovery and optimization of your business.