Quigg Counselling & Therapy Services

For many people, walking into a therapist’s office can be extremely difficult and anxiety provoking. We recognise this and are dedicated to creating a therapeutic experience that is comfortable, non-judgemental, and focused on what’s most important to you.

For over 15 years, Melanie has worked within the mental health field providing therapy. Her clinical experience has allowed her to work with children/adolescents, adults, couples and families. Her compassionate, individualized approach is comprised from evidence based psychological therapy.

New Study Adventure


New Study Adventure can help with your education or career goals.

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Party Patrol Event Company

Party Patrol Event Company is an affordable full service party planning company that focuses on themed party packages for busy parents that often don’t have the time to plan, shop & organize their child’s dream party.

Party Patrol provides themed party plans, invitations, party styling/decorations (custom or themed), tableware, a hostess to set-up/ clean-up, greet guests, play games, complete activities/crafts with the children or adults. We arrange for venue rentals, catering/food, music, lights and event rentals such as bouncy castle/games or cotton candy machine. These service can be purchased as an all inclusive package, a party in a box or on an individual basis.

WoodChaCallItTM Toy and Wood Crafters

Helping you PLAY an active role in children’s education

There is a captivating love for wooden toys that is shared by both parents and children. Wooden toy construction is more durable and has a warm, comforting feeling. The simplest, most traditional toys are usually the most brain stimulating affording parents the satisfaction that the toy is not only fun-to-play-with but valuable for their child’s educational and social development.

Performance View Business Solutions

The Performance View Business Solutions, as an Authorized Distributor of DiSC products, uses tools created by Inscape Publishing, the leading provider of instrument-based learning systems.  Inscape Publishing  pioneered the original DiSC® learning instrument over three decades ago. Today, they continue to create innovative products and services that engage, inspire, and empower individuals and organizations. Available in 25 languages in more than 50 countries, over one million people each year use Inscape’s learning resources to gain insight into their attitudes, behaviors, and potential in the workplace.


SCHOLAURA is an online service that helps you find the right tutor and book sessions that fit your schedule.  SCHOLAURA also provides you with a virtual classroom in which to meet your tutor, so you do not have to travel.

Family Speech and Language Services

Family Speech and Language Services provides assessment, intervention and consultative services for preschoolers, school-aged children and adults.  Services can be provided in the clinic setting or, for an additional fee, in the client’s home or child care setting, depending on language targets.

Chebucto Art Therapy & Counselling Centre

CATCC provides quality clinical services and art therapy education in line with best practice, and professional ethics. The centre promotes art-based wellness and holistic practice and is sensitive to development, culture and context. Collaboration, genuine connection, safety and trust are key aspects. Keys to success include: Professionalism, individualized treatment, and fitting recommendations and these involve genuine care and excellence in teaching.

A Tiny Lab for Early Learning Ltd

We are a full-time child care centre for children between the ages of 18 months to 5 years. We’re located in the North End of Halifax.

A Tiny Lab aims to offer a high quality, natural early childhood experience for young children rooted in small group sizes, inclusive and emergent curriculum philosophies, organic, farm-to-table menus, and a natural, eco-friendly, beautiful environment.

CEED Programs are delivered in partnership with ACOA and the Province of Nova Scotia