Vintner’s Cellar Bedford

At Vintner’s Cellar caring makes the difference.
We care that you have fun every step of the way and the wine you make is of the highest quality! We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable from the time you walk through our door to start the process until the time you open that first bottle of wine.​

Andrea Janzen’s Professional Coaching


It’s surprisingly simple. It’s a conversation. The coach listens. The coach asks questions to clarify, challenge and create new possibilities. The client comes up with the answers. They know the business, themselves and their people.  It’s like a management training course on steroids. There is only one participant. They create the content. They learn in real time. They take action right away. They get results.


I am passionate about developing people, setting goals and getting results. I believe people are more capable then they let on. My clients tell me that my positive energy is contagious.

A professional leadership coach that believes in abundance. I help my clients to see opportunities, feel ready to take action and make things happen. I offer my clients a balanced perspective by linking the human side of the business to the bottom line.

I am a Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University and an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. I have an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University and a BBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. I spent 15 years managing P&L’s through progressive marketing positions on brands like Werther’s Original, Absolut Vodka and Canadian Tire.



I am a Certified Personal Trainer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My passion is helping my clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals so they can live their lives to the fullest potential, mentally, physically and spiritually. Knowing what my clients have accomplished with my guidance over the past 6 years fuels my passion even more, every day.

While I have always been active (Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Golfing, Hiking, Running), joining the YMCA gym at age 15 was when I found my true passion. This led me to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Kinetics with a Major in Kinesiology at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Upon completion, I travelled to Vancouver BC for adventure and work experience in my field of study and had a very successful six-year tenure as a personal trainer with the Steve Nash Sports Club organization.

I make time to work out six days a week and have learned how to discipline my eating habits so that I can live a healthy balanced lifestyle (with some treats along the way). Whether your goal is fat loss, strength training, living pain-free, working through health limitations, or athletic training, our training sessions are personalized to fit your needs, focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging and effective workouts.

My goal is simple, I want to help people learn how to live a balanced life, so they can enjoy a happy, healthy and pain-free life as well.

Evie Dunville Art Therapy Services


The mission at Evie Dunville Art Therapy is to provide services rooted in theory; and offered in an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance across the spectrum of human conditions experienced by the diverse populations of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Expressive arts are a life enhancing catalyst for healing; clients experience heightened creativity and life enrichment while resolving and integrating conflict, contributing to both individual and community well-being.

What is Art Therapy?

Expect hands-on and self-reflective art making.
No art experience required.

Art Therapy is a symbolic healing practice based on the tenants of intentionality, respect, faith, acceptance and presence. When words are not enough this head, heart and hand guided creative process utilizes these healing and self-reflective aspects to explore a sensory and metaphoric experience beyond the limitations of language; permitting a direct expression of inner knowledge to foster reconciliation and self-awareness.

With a firm basis in relational theory and developmental psychology Art Therapy is valuable for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation when working with children, adolescents and adults.

Faire Child Makeware

Get Outside, stay outside.

Faire Child Makewear is inspired by the joy of a child engaged in the outdoors with total comfort and freedom, coupled with a transformative “Endlessly Reusable” model of environmental and social responsibility in childrens’ apparel. Our garments invite children to immerse in their most important pursuits: making and playing in the outdoors. We support parents and educators in fostering curiosity and care for the natural world, without interruption from the weather. Faire Child pants, jackets and suits are completely waterproof, chemical free, made in Canada, 100% recycled content and recyclable.

Not to mention, they are downright good-looking.

Classic outerwear styles of the early 1900s inspired us to create timeless garments with exceptional fit for a child’s form and busy play. From a French sportsman’s jacket to a multi-pocket workman’s coverall, these vintage pieces ensured ease of movement and impeccable attention to detail. In form and function, Faire Child Makewear has embraced time-tested design, and merged it with the advantages of modern textiles and manufacturing.

All told, our accommodating garments stay comfy-cozy-dry through any outdoor escapade a child can imagine.

Wearable Tech Sales Agency (GeekWellness) started from a fascination with Smart Wearables.  In researching how to bring more to market, we found some gaps between fitness bands and others that enhance health and lifestyle… as these new devices evolve and improve, we are sourcing and curating a line of smart accessories that can help your Wellbeing in techie ways that are still fashionable and enjoyable! And so, by evaluating suppliers and showcasing these products — you can now order straight from them using our line-of-credit with the supplier.  Your payment to us is handled securely through PayPal and Shopify.

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Ubuntu Media

Ubuntu Media is your one-stop for all your digital media services: marketing, photography, video, audio, aerial photos and videos, web development and digital consulting needs

We believe everyone has a story to tell. It could be a wedding, a birth, or a new upgrade to your facility. Whatever that story might be, we know that beyond just having said stories, you wish to share them. You might want to share those stories with loved ones, your clients or the society at large and that is where we come in. We are committed to helping you with telling your story and ensuring that your story reaches your desired audience.

Bright Red Creative

Hi I’m Lisa, owner & Graphic Designer at Bright Red Creative!

I am a Art Director, Web Designer, and Graphic Designer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. But don’t worry if you’re not local, I work with clients in any location. I have a passion creating professional, sophisticated, cohesive brand identities, graphic designs, and web designs that connects with your target market.

I’ve used my 16 years of professional graphic design experience assisting business and organizations achieve success with innovative branding, graphic design and web design solutions.

My professional graphic design portfolio contains a wide range of project work from large corporations to small rural startups. I specialize in brand and visual identity design and development, as well as web design and graphic design. In addition to my professional experience in branding, web design and graphic design, I also have extensive experience in editorial and publication design,  advertising and corporate communications design.

I am so thankful for all of the great clients I have the pleasure to work with and can’t wait to get to know you!

Personal Strength Fitness

Need an exercise program that fits your schedule? Need accountability and motivation? Ready to feel stronger, healthier, and more confident? No gym? No problem!

I’m a certified personal trainer who is able to come to your home or chosen location and show you how to exercise effectively with little to no equipment. I offer personalized workout programs that get you results and will be a maintainable lifestyle change.

I am an avid long distance runner, I have run several marathons and love teaching others how to run and enjoy its many health benefits. Running not your thing?  No problem. I can show you how to get an intense cardio workout in your own living room.

I am passionate about helping people get healthy and in doing so, improving their overall well-being.

Contact me and let’s get started on your fitness journey!