Social Skills Marketing

Social skills are important, online is no different.

Social Skills Marketing is owned and operated by digital marketer and social media manager Shawn Gillan. We help small businesses navigate the nuances of social media and optimize their online presence to create a greater connection with the customers and potential customers.

Social Media is an important part of your brand strategy, no matter the size of your business. We specialize in:

  • Facebook & Instagram content creation and posting
  • Community interaction and management
  • Account optimizations

Avanti Coaching

With more than 25 years, Olga Manzoni has worked as an HR leader coaching and developing talent in different industries, including; Construction, Hotel, Restaurant, IT, Print, Media, Packaging, and Education. Developing leader, at all stages in their career, is her business… her diverse experience brings an ability to recognize and adapt to the realities of different work cultures and environments. Olga is a Bilingual Certified Executive Coach (CEC) with a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching through Royal Roads University and has developed and facilitated training for corporate and not-for-profit teams. What excites her… helping people move “in avanti” in their careers.

Zoolah! Gluten-Free Living and More

My name is Collette Genereux, Owner of Zoolah! I am gluten intolerant, so I understand the struggles and hurdles that are faced when living a gluten-free lifestyle. That’s why I created Zoolah!

We are a small business located in Bedford, Nova Scotia. Our goal is to coach, inform and change how you experience gluten-free living.

Whether it’s because of health, dietary reasons or your preference, we got you covered. Experience gluten-free living on a totally new level. If you have additional dietary requirements, just let us know!

Good food shouldn’t be so hard to find, and it shouldn’t resemble twigs, leaves or cardboard!  Everything we make is from scratch and we try to buy locally sourced ingredients. We think you will taste the difference in your first bite!

Big Guy Plumbing and Heating

We are a 24/7 company devoted to customer service.

We offer live answering, reasonable rates and flexible availability.

When only the best will do!

Lenscape Photography

Capturing landscapes wild and tamed. Specializing in Canada’s Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Ziji Acupuncture Clinic

Gary J Brown R.Ac. CH

  • Five Element Theory Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncturist
  • Certified in Advanced Cosmetic Acupuncture Techniques
  • Certified in Derma Stamp Micro needling cosmetic treatments
  • Certified Jikiden Reiki Practitioner
  • NGH Certified Hypnotherapist

“Healthy body, cheerful mind, radiate face!”

Gary brings over 30 years of mindfulness awareness training and artistic experience to his practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jikiden Rieki ,Hypnotherapy and Cosmetic acupuncture techniques. Gary physically and energetically works with both acute and chronic conditions by applying the whole body concept of TCM utilizing the inseparability of the mind-body. It is a common understanding in TCM that 80% of all internal pathogens are emotionally based. With the combination of diagnosis and TCM treatment principles Gary seeks to create harmony with the mind-body connection to increase vitality and health for his patients.

Letterperfect VA Virtual Administrative Support Services

We get it.

You’re too busy building your business to tackle all the administrative tasks that make your business run smoothly. You want to use your time efficiently, but you don’t want to hire staff.

Good News! We can help!

LetterPerfectVA is a virtual office for hire, available when you need us. We provide your business with writing and administrative services such as: updating HR policy manuals, creating procedure manuals, web content, data entry, calendar planning, and scheduling. If you have a shoebox full of receipts, we can help with that too!

LetterPerfectVA is driven by Terri Brownell, who for over 20 years has successfully supported business professionals with needs just like yours.

So take a breath, and focus on saving time and money. Contact LetterPerfectVA today.

Clearview Business Services Corp.

Clearview Business Services Corp. helps startups and small businesses with all things financial. Including some of the things you might have been dreading as an owner. Or maybe you need support for a special project. If you want the time and information needed to focus on the core of your business, see if Clearview can help.

Ausbeauty Canada Limited

The true beauty of an individual lies in self confidence. We celebrate its potency; write about it, sing about it and succumb to its allure. As an individual you’ll know the condition of your skin takes a lead role in determining your self confidence. With confidence comes empowerment.

O Cosmedics lays the foundation for timeless beauty and gives you the chance to show your true beauty.

CEED Programs are delivered in partnership with ACOA and the Province of Nova Scotia