Knockout Social Media

Does this problem sound familiar: “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Where do we even start? And what should we even post about, and when?”

Dartmouth Cove Concierge

Dartmouth Cove Concierge aims to make life easier for our neighbours in downtown Dartmouth, and we accomplish this by providing a range of easily accessible and customized services.

Gary Owen Porter Counselling Services

Gary Owen Porter Counselling Services offers adaptable, accessible, and practical counselling services that fit YOUR unique and individual needs. Our goal is to provide tailored services to help lower stress and live a fuller life.

Insight Photography & Graphic Design

With more than 25 years’ experience in Photography and Graphic Design, Insight Photography & Graphic Design skills and expertise will help your business shine, or bring out your best side in a professional photo shoot.

FIX-IT Concepts

FIX-IT Concepts is a professional handyman service specializing in home adaptation & repair. We also service equipment for small to midsize businesses.

Heather Wardrope

Do you crave more time? I love the art of simplifying your work-life. My passion is listening to a clients’ organizational needs, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative ways to save you time and money.

EHM Consulting

Edward MacDonald helps organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their recruiting and hiring processes, resulting in shorter hiring times, higher success rates in hiring the right candidate, and significant cost savings.

Midgard Insect Farm Inc.

Midgard Insect Farm Inc. produces high quality insect based powder that can be used in a variety of industries.

Outside The Box Custom Woodworks

Outside The Box specializes in creating custom wooden pieces for many different applications. Using precise craftsmanship and only the finest hardwoods we create heirloom pieces from hand size to grand size and tailored to your specific needs. Urns, memory and other pieces are respectfully crafted to display and preserve your treasures and mementos.

Lucky Brush Studio

Passionate about helping small businesses stand out among the giants with iconic visual identities!