CEEDling Spotlight: Pick Empowerment

A special blog post contribution by Charlene Pickrem, owner of Pick Empowerment.

Pick Empowerment assists individuals, teams, and families grow to succeed! Offering the most valid and reliable personality assessment on the market today. Charlene Pickrem, CYC-P, (MA)CYS, SEIC©, radio host of Mental Health – Let’s Talk About it! and president of Pick Empowerment can provide a variety of engaging, context specific needs awareness strategies to address twenty six social and emotional intelligence skills. Enhancing your or another’s self-awareness, awareness of other, self regulation and management of other is a win-win for everyone playing in the sandbox of life.

Charlene started with CEED in April 2016 by attending recommended classes and meetings with mentor support and free membership to the Centre for Women in Business.

“I had NO business education and worked for a not for profit society when I became a facilitator at a private college. I had a lot to learn and that is what I liked most about the CEED program. There were a variety of foundational classes to get your toes wet and see if the business you were proposing was even plausible. Learning about the coaching market, competitors in Nova Scotia, importance of networking, the legal ramifications of owning your own business, the responsibilities and costs. I still remember being told that 85% of small business owners don’t make it past year three. I am here!”

Charlene tells the story of how she came to create what became Pick Empowerment:

“The idea of facilitating and conducting workshops to assist an [individual and/or] teams mental health well-being was not a new idea as a long term goal. What did change was becoming certified as a Social + Emotional Intelligence Profiler and Coach©. After working twenty years as a Residential Child and Youth Care Practitioner (RCYC-P) struggling with my own mental health/illness, facilitating at the college and university level I started Pick Empowerment to assist others to grow.”

“Pick Empowerment is unique because we are local, Nova Scotia is [my] target market and it is where [I want] to work with others. I try my best to meet my clients face-to-face to discuss challenges and to see if we would work well together. A connection needs to be genuine, growth can be uncomfortable, relational practice is best practice.”

Charlene reflects on what she’s learned in the past 3 years, explaining her process on how she came to recently re-brand Pick Empowerment:

“The past three years has allowed me the opportunity to try, fail, learn, try again and again. The entrepreneurial journey has provided me many learning opportunities and I don’t see that changing. What I have realized is the journey may change, but my purpose/brand will not- it will be my foundation. I wanted my own logo and I wanted it to tell the story. Why do I do what I do? I want to see your gardens grow. Go to my blog to read about Pick Empowerments logo.”

Visit Charlene’s new Pick Empowerment website at pickempowerment.ca
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