Juniorpreneur Summer Camp 2018 Highlights

Over the summer, CEED held 5 Juniorpreneur Camps across the province. We’re still in awe at both the success and determination of our campers and the support our campers received from their respective communities!

July 9-13: Kentville

CEED’s summer started out at the NSCC Kingstec Campus in Kentville. Sandra Snow, the mayor of Kentville expressed how impressed she was after our campers set up for business at the Kentville Farmer’s Market. She mentioned that the market was livelier than ever that Thursday, and surprised both our campers and staff with an invitation to set up their businesses once more that weekend!

July 16-20: Halifax

Next up was back at CEED’s office in Halifax. During the week CEED’s very own CEEDlings and representatives from our Summer Camp Sponsor, McInnes Cooper visited the camp to provide their knowledge and experience to our campers. Our campers this week must have learned a lot as over $2000 was raised across our 24 campers! A new record for our Juniorpreneur Camps!

July 30-August 3: New Glasgow

After that was CEED’s first ever Juniorpreneur Camp to be held in New Glasgow. The support from local entrepreneurs was very generous, and the camp was a huge success! Velsoft’s very own Jim Fitt stepped up to support our camp, bringing connections with the Big 8 plant and many local entrepreneurs. Needless to say, the youth of New Glasgow left camp with plenty of new skills gained from all the amazing experiences from over the week.

August 13-17: Truro

CEED then traveled to Truro, where local Juniorpreneur Success Zolen Perry offered to support the camp as CEED’s first ever Junior Camp Facilitator. Our campers took their ideas to the Truro’s Farmers Market and had a very successful sale day. Local entrepreneurs such as Dylan Langille from Broke Apparel, Brennan Gillis from the Truro & Colchester Partnership for Economic Prosperity and Jolene MacEarchern from the Industry Liaison & Innovation, were all blown away by the pitches our Truro campers put together!

August 20-24: Halifax

Finally, CEED ended our summer back for a second round in Halifax. This camp held the most returning Juniorpreneur Campers than ever before, bringing friends and business ideas along with them! The competition was fierce in this camp, with everyone group working hard to outperform each other. In the end, it was one of our most competitive pitch competitions and an excellent end to CEED’s summer.

All our highlight videos from each camp can be found on CEED’s Juniorpreneur camp page here. There you can also find more information about the camp, and how to register for our upcoming camps! We’re always surprised at what each camp brings, and we’re looking forward to what the youth of Nova Scotia will come up with next!

CEED Programs are delivered in partnership with ACOA and the Province of Nova Scotia