CEEDling Spotlight: Panache Luxury Linens

A special blog post contribution by Panache Luxury Linen founder Heather Whitman.

Panache began with a visit to CEED in fall of 2015 and we opened our beautiful shop the summer of 2016.” Heather Whitman, a “mother, entrepreneur, [and] empowerer of women”, started her journey with CEED through the SEB program.

Heather describes Panache Luxury Linens as “a boutique shop of the highest quality bed linens, down pillows, duvets, blankets, throws, loungewear, [and] bath and body products.

A specialist in residential interiors, corporate image design and design trend forecasting. Heather now combines her personal presentation skills and 26 years of related industry experience to educate on the importance of rest, inviting clients to embrace the sleep revolution by creating a sleep environment that will help to promote passion and productivity on a nightly basis.

What makes your venture special/unique? [and/or] What is a new exciting development?

Panache luxury linens has entered a niche luxury market in Halifax in bringing luxury linens previously available in Montreal or Toronto to the Hydrostone area of Halifax. The shop offers the opportunity to experience European quality and style with first hand interaction with these luxurious products. It is a visceral shopping experience at Panache. Both information and memories are shared while guiding our clients to the correct elements of rest for their individual sleep environment.

What has surprised you most so far regarding your experience as an entrepreneur?

Our greatest joy and surprise is how Halifax was ready and wanting to embrace a store of this quality. Entrepreneurship has its highs and lows but with continued focus on our clients and quality products we are growing.

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur just starting out?

Be flexible, listen and learn but stay true to your vision and brand. If you want others to believe in you and your brand, you have to believe in yourself and your brand first. At Panache the luxury is the quality of product and service you receive.

You can check out Panache Luxury Linens at:

3132 Isleville Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 2Y2

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday – 10am to 5pm
Thursday & Friday – 10am to 6pm

Or, visit their website here.

(Pictured is Heather Whitman.)

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